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What Can Happen to Your Windows During a Hurricane in Franklin County, Florida

If you’ve lived in Florida long enough, you’ve probably been through a hurricane or two. Though many of these powerful storms veer away from the state, many of them do strike Florida’s Atlantic coast, Gulf coast, and panhandle. Whether you ride out a storm in your home or you evacuate, protecting your windows, doors, and other areas that may be damaged during a storm with strong hurricane shutters is a wise decision.

Why should you have hurricane shutters installed on your home?

Sturdy storm shutters, like the accordion shutters that Empire Construction & Development manufactures, allow you to quickly and conveniently cover your windows, doors, sliding doors, and more before a storm in Franklin County. Instead of struggling with plywood or taking the risk of having no storm protection, you can pull these accordion hurricane shutters closed and lock them securely when you need to. Accordion storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development — like all of our custom-made storm shutters – add to the value of your home in Franklin County while upgrading your property’s security too.

What do accordion shutters protect against?

Accordion hurricane shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development are built to withstand hurricane-force wind speeds, flying debris during a storm, rain, and more. If your windows aren’t covered during a hurricane or other dangerous seasonal storm, they can shatter or become broken by flying projectiles. Broken windows create hazardous conditions inside of your home during a storm, and leave you with damage and costly clean up after a storm passes Franklin county. But accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are an easy and dependable solution – these strong aluminum shutters can be used on most any window or door size to keep your home or commercial building safe during a hurricane. Our accordion storm shutters also can be used as security shutters, privacy shutters, and can be used to block sun and create shade one or more rooms of your home.

At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build hurricane shutters that you can depend on. If you want safe and affordable hurricane shutters for your home, hotel, restaurant, office building, warehouse or other property in Franklin County, accordion shutters may be the right storm protection product for you.

To order accordion storm shutters in Franklin County, FL, visit our website: When you provide us with you window and door measurements (exterior), we will give you a price for your hurricane shutter order. If you have your measurements ready or you have questions about protecting your windows from hurricanes in northern Florida, contact us or call: 888-474-3555 to speak to a member of our storm protection team. Protect your windows, doors, and more in Franklin County with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.