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Where to Order Storm Panels in Cedar Keys, Florida

Residents and tourists to the Gulf Coast of Florida know about the beautiful beaches and the warm, sunny weather – but they also know about the hurricanes. Though areas of Florida may go years without a hurricane strike, all it takes is one damaging storm to remind Floridians that they need to have the right storm protection for their homes. Preparing your home for a hurricane or tropical storm in Cedar Keys is simple when you order hurricane protection products from Empire Construction & Development.

Deciding on the best type of hurricane shutter or storm panel for your home in Cedar Keys can be tricky. You want something that’s affordable, but you don’t want to give up quality. You want something strong enough to withstand hurricanes, but you don’t want a shutter that’s too heavy and hard to use. If you want hurricane shutters that are strong, durable, and easy to use – take a look at the hurricane shutters and storm panels we at Empire Construction & Development provide our customers throughout Florida.

Installing hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development is a great way to protect your windows and (most) doors during a storm. We sell aluminum storm panels and clear polycarbonate panels that are:

*Stronger than flat panels

*Stronger than plywood

*Easy to install

*Easy to store

The hurricane panels we sell, like all of our storm protection products, are designed to hold up against hurricanes and other storms in Florida. The high wind speeds of these storms can turn ordinary objects into dangerous flying projectiles, which can easily break an uncovered window. Storm panels from Empire Construction & Development help you prevent this from happening by securely covering your windows and deflecting flying debris during a storm.

Vertical Storm Panels

Both aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels are versatile and can be used to cover windows of many sizes on homes, hotels, restaurants, storefronts, office buildings and other properties in Cedar Keys, FL. If you are looking for affordable storm protection for your commercial or residential property, hurricane panels are a great option. Our storm panels can be installed with or without track, vertically or horizontally, and are an easy DIY home improvement project.

At Empire Construction & Development, we provide exterior shutters for every need. To order hurricane panels online in Cedar Keys, FL, just contact us with your window measurements and the type of panel you’d like. Call 888-474-3555 to speak to a member of our storm protection team about your shutter order, or for storm protection recommendations. Don’t take a chance on leaving your Florida home in Cedar Keys without the right storm protection – order the hurricane panels you need from Empire Construction & Development.