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Generate Revenue by Adding Our Shutters to Your Existing Product Line

Do you want to expand your product line and grow your business? You may be waiting for the right time, the right products, and the right way to increase your revenue. Don’t wait any longer – the best time to start growing your business is right now, and the best way to expand your line of residential and commercial building products is to add our shutters to your existing product line. Partnering with Empire Construction & Development as a shutter dealer or distributor is an easy and cost-effective way to begin building up your business and profits.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture high-quality storm and security shutters for our customers throughout the US, the Caribbean, and beyond. If your customers need shutters, offer them the best shutters for homes and businesses from our reliable line of products. You’ll be able to tell your existing and future customers about our great aluminum shutters, including:

     *Accordion Shutters – Our best-seller. These strong, affordable shutters can be used on most any window, door, or other opening. Accordion shutters provide dependable storm protection and excellent security.

     *Roll-Down Shutters – These shutters are a favorite among homeowners and business owners who want high-end window and door protection. Our rolling shutters are custom built and customers can choose from a variety of motor options or have manually-operated shutters made.

     *Bahama Shutters – With a distinctive tropical look, and available in a wide variety of colors, our Bahama shutters can enhance the look of a building while providing window protection. Our Bahama shutters are adjustable, and made for storm protection and security.

     *Colonial Shutters – These shutters are known for their look and their strength. Reminiscent of the Old South, but with all of the modern storm protection features required today, Colonial shutters provide reliable window protection.


      *Storm Panels – The most cost-effective way to protect commercial and residential buildings from hurricanes and tropical storms, and still widely used throughout the US. Our storm panels are designed to be significantly stronger than flat panels, and we offer clear polycarbonate panels too.

When you become a shutter dealer or distributor for Empire Construction & Development, we will be able to provide you with:

*Marketing materials

*Working shutter samples

*Access to our online quoting tool

*Price quotes

And more. Read more about becoming a storm and security shutter dealer/distributor here.


If your business handles shutter installation, you may be interested in joining our installer network. Contractors, handymen, carpenters, and other certified professionals love our easy-to-install hurricane and security shutters.

If you want to get the word out about our storm and security shutters, you can join our referral program. Referring your neighbors, friends, and family to Empire Construction & Development can be profitable. Referring your customers to us can add another revenue stream to your business.

For more information about joining our shutter dealer/distributor program, call: 888-474-3555. Start offering shutters from Empire Construction & Development as a shutter dealer/distributor and see your business grow.

Hurricane Shutter Distributor Program for Contractors

If your customers live in a storm-prone area, they need hurricane shutters. If your customers have windows and doors, they’ll need storm and security shutters. With unpredictable weather and security concerns, customers can feel safe with shutters on their home or business. Adding shutter sales to your business can help you diversify and increase your income. Sounds great, but where do you get the shutters? From us at Empire Construction & Development! When you become a storm and security shutter distributor for our longstanding company, you can help your customers get the shutters they need and add another valuable product offering to your small business.

We work with contractors and other building industry professionals who want to:

     *Sell high-quality shutters to their customers, without the overhead cost of shutter manufacturing. We custom-build storm and security shutters at our manufacturing warehouse, and ship throughout the US and internationally. Our aluminum shutters are designed to comply with the most stringent wind codes and building codes in the country. As a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, our entire product line of affordable and durable shutters will be available to you and your customers. We can provide shutter samples and marketing materials to you to help you start selling shutters as a contractor.

     *Install in your area when customers are looking for a contractor to install their shutters. The southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, mid-Atlantic, Midwest – our shutter orders are placed throughout the country. When you join our installer network, we can provide you with customer leads for your contractor services. When you join our shutter installer network as a contractor, we will provide you with all of the training material you’ll need to learn how to install our storm and security shutters. Not only will you be able to sell your customers shutters, you’ll be the one who can put them up too.

     *Refer and earn through our referral program. We will provide you with the shareable links, promo codes and other necessary information to refer your customers and friends to Empire Construction & Development, Corp. online and in person. Referring customers to us lets you earn a commission with each successful referral.


Installation Questions?

Hurricane shutters and security shutters have become popular in all parts of the country, and the market for them still may be growing in your area. It’s a great time to start selling shutters from Empire Construction & Development as a contractor. As a leading manufacturer of custom storm and security shutters, we at Empire Construction & Development will build the shutters your customers need. Maintain your reputation as an excellent contractor by offering homeowners and business owners in your area excellent products. Sign up to become a shutter distributor now, or call 888-474-3555 for more information our hurricane shutter distributor program for contractors.

Protect Your Home or Business in Tampa St. Petersburg with Rolling Storm Shutters

You may have picked out the perfect windows when you moved into your home, and take pride in how nice they look. You make sure the windows in your office are clean, and keep your glass doors looking their best. Your windows are important to you – but burglars don’t care about your windows. Your home upgrades can be shattered when you’re out of town, overnight, or even in the middle of the day. And the damage done during a break-in can be costly and disruptive. To guard your home or business in Tampa St. Petersburg against break-ins, install high-quality rolling shutters on your windows and doors.

The rolling storm and security shutters we manufacture at Empire Construction & Development are:

*Custom-built for homes and businesses

*Made of durable extruded aluminum

*Designed for use on most windows and doors

*Engineered to withstand impact

*Operated manually or with a motor

Our roll-down storm and security shutters can be used on homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores, warehouses, and other commercial and residential buildings in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Aluminum roll-down shutters are housed above each window and door, and can be rolled down whenever you need them. Affordable rolling shutters in Tampa St. Petersburg from Empire Construction & Development can enhance the look of your home and increase its value while making it more secure. Our rolling shutters are available in four roll-down shutter colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze.

Roll-Down Shutters in White to Protect Your Business

Hurricanes aren’t the only thing that can break your windows and damage your doors in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Every window and door on your building is a potential entry point for a home invader or burglar. If you’re worried about home security, you can use strong rolling shutters in Tampa and St. Petersburg to cover your windows, patio doors, glass sliding doors, and other openings on your building. And when you do need storm protection during hurricane season, your new rolling shutters will do a great job shielding your windows and doors from flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm and protecting your home or business from wind damage.

Are your windows and doors as secure as they can be? You can stop break-ins before they happen when you protect your home or business in Tampa St. Petersburg with rolling storm and security shutters from Empire Construction & Development. You can keep your home or business safe from break-ins, bad weather, and other threats when you order rolling shutters online from our website:

To find out the cost of rolling storm shutters, or for questions about finding the best rolling shutters for your home or business in Tampa St. Petersburg, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 to hear about rolling shutter deals and to buy rolling security shutters in Tampa St. Petersburg. Protect your home or business in Tampa St. Petersburg when you order rolling shutters for your widows and doors from Empire Construction & Development.

Five Ways Roll-Down Shutters Offer Security and Protection for Your Home or Business in Vero Beach, Florida

If you live on Florida’s coast, or you own residential or commercial property near the ocean, you know that you need storm protection. That’s a given. But there are other types of building protection you can’t overlook either. If you don’t have strong shutters on your windows and doors, you may be leaving your home or business open to several types of expensive and inconvenient damage. Fortunately for home and business owners in Vero Beach, protecting your property is easy with roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Rolling Shutters in White Windows

Your home or business is an investment in your future. Protecting your investment with roll-down shutters for homes and businesses in Vero Beach, Florida will let you have peace of mind and keep your property safe. Let’s take a look at the 5 ways roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development can protect your home or business:

  1. 1. Rolling shutters protect your home or business from theft. If your neighborhood in Indian River County has recently had a rash of break ins, or even if it hasn’t, protecting your home or commercial building from theft is a smart move. Whether you’re worried about home break-ins, looting after a storm, or both, sturdy aluminum roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used to securely cover your windows, glass doors, and other areas on your home and business in Vero Beach, Florida.
  1. 2. Roll-down shutters protect your home or business from vandalism. You never know when a random act of damage to your home, restaurant, bar, hotel, or store in Vero Beach, Florida may occur. And while your security cameras may capture a video of the vandalism, you can prevent property damage from happening by installing roll-down security shutters on your windows and doors.
  1. 3. Rolling shutters protect your privacy. With roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development, you can cover your windows and sliding doors overnight, or whenever you want more privacy than blinds and curtains can provide. Keep people from peering into your home, office, or storefront window with secure roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development.
  1. 4. Roll-down shutters protect against sun damage. The Florida sun can be brutal on the interior of your home. If you have furniture, artwork, or other valuables you want to protect from damaging UV rays – roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development will completely block the sun from entering one or more of your rooms.
  1. 5. Rolling shutters protect your home or business against storms. Of course, you can’t forget about hurricane protection if you’re in Florida. Roll-down storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made to protect homes and businesses in Vero Beach, Florida from hurricanes, tropical storms, and other seasonal storms. These shutters let you protect your building from an incoming storm quickly and easily.

Find the roll-down shutters in Vero Beach that you’re looking for at For a free quote on the cost of roll-down shutters in Vero Beach, contact us today or call: 888-474-3555 to hear about this month’s rolling shutter deals.  Protect your home or business in Vero Beach, Florida from any type of threat with roll-down security and storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Protect Your Business from Vandalism and Theft with Custom-Designed Rolling Shutters

“I’ll never make that mistake again” a small business owner told her friend. “Did they steal anything?” her friend asked. “Thankfully, no. And no-one was there overnight, so nobody was hurt. But they sure made a mess of the place, we’re going to be cleaning up for days.” “Do you need any help?” her friend asked. “It’s OK – I’ve got someone coming out to replace the window glass, someone’s coming to fix the alarm wires, and I’m not leaving my windows unprotected anymore. It’s too big of a risk. I’m going to get security shutters for the store too.”

The small business owner didn’t have any window and door protection on her building, and – like many homeowners and commercial building owners – was the victim of a break-in. While break-ins do happen and vandalism does occur, there are a few things you can do to deal with these threats to your business, your staff, and your livelihood. You can secure your building with alarm systems. You can get security cameras. And you can take steps to prevent theft and vandalism to your property by installing and using roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Rolling Shutters in Bronze for Business Building

At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build roll-down security shutters for all types of commercial buildings. If you have a small business, restaurant, bar, retail store, warehouse, hotel, or other business that needs protection and vandalism, you order the best roll-down security shutters at Our roll-down shutters do more than protect homes and businesses against storms – they provide excellent anti-theft protection, overnight protection, and peace-of-mind for business and commercial property owners.

Roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. These rolling security shutters for businesses are designed to withstand impact and securely cover your windows, keeping them from breaking. If your building has glass doors or a large storefront window, you can use rolling shutters to protect them. If you want to protect your doors from graffiti and other property damage, you can cover them with our rolling security shutters for windows and doors. When you buy rolling shutters online from Empire Construction & Development Corp., you can quickly and conveniently cover your windows and doors as often as you need to.

Our roll-down security shutters are custom made to fit each window and door size in your order. Rolling security shutters from Empire Construction & Development are designed to add to the look and value of your building, as well as improving its security. Rolling security shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available in four roll-down shutter colors:





To find out the cost of ordering rolling shutters online, including tax and shipping, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 for question about measuring your windows for roll-down shutters and to hear about our special rolling shutter offers this month. Keep your business safe from theft and vandalism with roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Where to Buy Hurricane Shutters in Terrebonne, Louisiana

If your home, restaurant, store, or office building doesn’t have storm shutters, you should act now. Without proper window and door coverage, high winds and heavy rain during a hurricane, tropical storm or any other seasonal weather disturbance can cause real damage to your property. Some property owners put off getting storm shutters, taking their chances that a storm won’t cause much damage, or using inferior window protection like plywood instead. But those who have been through hurricanes know better. Ordering high-quality hurricane shutters to protect your commercial or residential building in Terrebonne Parish is easier than ever when you order from Empire Construction & Development.

As leaders in storm protection, we at Empire Construction & Development manufacture and sell durable, reliable storm shutters to our customers in Louisiana and other parts of the country most prone to hurricane strikes. When you’re dealing with a strong storm in Terrebonne Parish, you need a strong shutter. Our hurricane shutters are designed, tested, and approved to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying projectiles. When you use storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development, you can be sure your windows and doors are secured with the best shutters on the market.

At, you can find shutters that will fit your windows. Accordion hurricane shutters and roll-down hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are custom built to your specifications. We can also provide you with the correct number of aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels for each of your openings. Our custom-made shutters are easy to install over your windows, doors, and storefronts in Terrebonne Parish.

Our storm shutters are designed to complement the look of any home. The accordion storm shutters and rolling storm shutters we manufacture are available in four colors:





Accordion shutters fold to the side of each opening when not in use, and rolling shutters are housed in a box above each opening. Our storm panels are easy to store when not in use. Clearguard clear panels allow you to see through your windows while your panels are up, and can be left up all hurricane season for easy storm readiness.

There are other uses for our storm shutters too. Accordion shutters and roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development make great security shutters. These heavy-duty aluminum shutters can be closed at night for protection, or used to lock up your property when you go out of town. When closed, accordion shutters and rolling shutters also block the sun and reduce the indoor temperature of your property, lowering your cooling costs.

To speak to a member of our storm protection team about finding the best type of shutter for your property in southern Louisiana, call: 888-474-3555. Contact us for a free price quote, including shipping. Protect your windows and doors in Terrebonne Parish with rolling shutters, accordion shutters, and storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.

The Best Hurricane Shutters for Homes and Hotels in Orange Beach, Alabama

Residents of the Gulf Coast have long known something that people in many other parts of the country don’t – what it’s like to go through a hurricane. Tourists who flock to Orange Beach can learn what the locals know when a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall. High wind and heavy rain can cause power outages and flooding, and can also break windows and damage homes and commercial buildings. While floods and power outages from a hurricane can’t be prevented, broken windows can be prevented with hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Ordering hurricane shutters is the smart choice for property owners in Orange Beach, Alabama. At Empire Construction & Development, our hurricane shutters are:

*Easy to use – You won’t have to struggle to secure your windows and doors when you use our accordion shutters, rolling shutters, or storm panels. All of our storm protection products let you cover your property’s vulnerable openings quickly and easily.

*Strong and reliable – Our hurricane shutters and storm panels are designed and tested to withstand storm-force winds. Wind speeds during a hurricane can easily exceed 100MPH. These high winds, and the flying debris they stir up, can pose a threat to your windows in Orange Beach.

*Made to fit your windows and doors – Empire Construction & Development manufactures accordion hurricane shutters and roll-down hurricane shutters to fit each window and door measurement that our customers provide us with. We also provide our customers in Orange Beach, AL with the exact number of panels they will need to completely cover their windows.

*Affordable for every budget – Our aluminum storm panels are the least expensive way to secure your property from hurricane damage while using a durable, reliable product. Clear Protexan Panels are another affordable option. Accordion shutters are cost-effective and rolling shutters offer top-of-the-line protection for homes and commercial buildings in Orange Beach.

Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development can help homeowners, rental property owners, and hotel, resort, and restaurant owners prevent property damage during a hurricane. There are also other benefits to using our accordion or roll-down shutters, including:

*Protection from heat, which can lower cooling costs

*Shielding interiors from damaging effects of the sun

*Excellent overnight security for homes, stores, and restaurants

*An effective way to lock up your home when you go out of town

Take a look at the testimonials from our happy customers, and let us help you get reliable, affordable storm protection too. Contact us for a price quote on your shutter order, including shipping to Orange Beach. Call: 888-474-3555 for any questions you have about protecting your home and preventing damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. Get the best storm protection in Orange Beach when you order hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Eliminate Exhaustive Hurricane Prep Work in St. Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island country in the West Indies. As the first islands in the Caribbean to be settled by Europeans, it is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere. Located in the Leeward Islands chain, the country is a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. Its location has made hurricanes and tropical storms an ongoing challenge for homeowners and businesses. In September 2017, St. Kitts and Nevis were significantly impacted by the passing of two dangerous category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria. As the island nation strives to return to its pre-hurricane beauty, Hurricane Shutters Florida stands ready to assist families and businesses in preparation for the upcoming 2018 hurricane season.

Hurricane Shutters Florida, headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, is one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of storm panels, accordion shutters, roll-downs, Bahamas, and colonials available on the market today. Hurricane Shutters Florida has been providing hurricane protection throughout the Caribbean with one of the easiest products available on the market today are Accordion Hurricane Shutters! Preparation for a pending hurricane can be utterly exhausting – especially the need to cover windows and doors to prevent flying debris from compromising the integrity of the building structure. The simplicity of Accordion Hurricane Shutters eliminates the challenges and difficulties you would typically find with heavy and cumbersome aluminum panels that need to be installed one panel after another into the track. Hurricane Shutters Florida produces Accordion Hurricane Shutters that provide the ultimate protection during a hurricane for winds up to 180mph. Hurricane Shutters Florida’s Accordion Hurricane Shutters can be made to fit any size window, door, balcony, terrace, or storefront! The accordion shutters glide closed smoothly and lock securely into place! A key feature of our product is the specially engineered, heavy-duty nylon wheels, which enables the ease of securing your property!

Other key features of Hurricane Shutters Florida’s Accordion Hurricane Shutters include:

  1. Heavy duty locking which secures for maximum protection against storms, high-winds, and forcible entry
  2. Folds easily for compact storage
  3. Specially designed optional key locks for external, tamper-proof operation
  4. Constructed of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum panels

Our Accordion Shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.

Your bottom line should be peace of mind knowing that your property is protected again Mother Nature’s fury! However, both residential and commercial properties certainly should not overlook the enduring life-time protection against hurricanes but also the increased market value to your property that the Accordion Hurricane Shutters can provide!

Contact Us Todayfor a FREE Hurricane Shutter Quote! Call us to order today at our South Florida Headquarters: (954)474-3557.

The Best Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the only destination in the world named after a woman and her beauty, captivating, warm and loving personality and her wild and free nature! This accurately describes the many islands in the Caribbean. Though a small island with a small population, St. Lucia survives on tourism, small-scale industry and fruit exports.

Because of its location, hurricanes and tropical storms hit the islands regularly although with less fury than on the other islands north of the Equator. In any case, Hurricane Shutters Florida has done its research and knows that the islands have a need to protect themselves from the forces of nature, too. Hurricane Shutters Florida offers a way to protect the homes and businesses on the Caribbean Islands by installing hurricane protection from the elements, like quality, durable shutters that protect families and businesses.

Hurricane Shutters Florida offers a selection of storm protection products that prevent damage to doors and windows caused by wind, water and debris. We are promoting the Colonial Hurricane

Our Colonial Hurricane Shutters are made of heavy aluminum, manufactured for windows that you measure for us after watching our website video. You can view the video @ Colonial Hurricane Shutters are manufactured in the United States, shipped world wide for everyone to have the benefit of protection.

When your order arrives, unwrap it and check to make sure all the contents are included as well as printed Installation Instructions. Hurricane Shutters Florida offers an installation video to follow and attach your Colonial Hurricane Shutters to your home or business building. The easy to install instructions can be found at On this page, type in: Colonial Shutters Installation Video and it will open to the installation of many of the hurricane products. is the leading website for custom built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products.Our Colonial Shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. We build and ship hurricane shutter products nationwide and around the world at factory-direct products. And don’t forget to check out our SPRING COUPONS for BIG savings on your hurricane shutters.

Please contact us for your free quote today or you can check out our convenient online quoting tool. We look forward to serving your storm protection, security, decorative, and energy-saving shutter needs!

How Rolling Security Shutters Buy Peace of Mind for Business Owners
Rolling security shutters are true security for your business. Secure your closed business with rolling security shutters, providing your store’s doors and windows with maximum impact resistance.  Rolling security shutters are perfect for covering large areas for security reasons, or covering windows to completely eliminate smash and grabs. They are a definite plus for a business owner, and is an excellent break-in deterrent.  Control the shrink in your business with rolling security shutters. Get the protection you need with attractive, durable rolling security shutters. Custom design and sleek styling accent any business or installation.
Some immediate benefits of rolling security shutters for business owners:
  • Control shrink
  • Eliminate smash and grabs
  • Break-in deterrent
  • Theft reduction
Rolling security shutters have other benefits for business owners, some of them immediate, and some of them long-term. You can’t go wrong with rolling security shutters if you own a business. They are a great investment into the value of your business and can automatically increase it. The extreme durability of rolling security shutters make them a truly great buy, as they last for years. They’re a great protection against storms, and flying objects thrown around by high winds. Rolling security shutters can reduce noise pollution, making your store a calm, quiet place to shop. Rolling security shutters also reduce sun damage to your business and the stock you carry, providing you with valuable sun protection for your items. They can even increase the value of your business, and potentially reduce the insurance fees you pay for your business. Also, rolling security shutters can reduce your cooling and heating costs, which is a prime benefit for business owners and that can increase the value of your business as well.
More benefits of rolling security shutters for business owners:
  • Maximum impact resistance and extreme durability
  • Protection against storms
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Reduction of sun Damage
  • Increased  value of your business
  • Potential reduction of business insurance fees
  • More efficient cooling and heating

Rolling security shutters are a perfect way to both enhance the value of your business and protect your investment. Buy custom designed and fitted rolling security shutters and know you’ve made a quality investment that will help you grow and enhance your business.