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Rolldown shutters in Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, and is located where the Christina River and Brandywine Creek meet, very near to where the Christina flows into the Delaware River. It is one of the major cities in Delaware. While Delaware is not commonly thought to be a state hit by hurricanes, the truth is that more than 108 tropical storms or hurricanes have been recorded as affecting the state, and coastal Delaware is often hit by tropical storms.

Damage to dunes or property damage is common in coastal areas. Roads are often closed due to flooding, and bridges closed down to vehicles and trucks. During a tropical storm or hurricane, police advise motorists not to go out unless they have to because of the dangers of standing water on many roads. Power outages are common; during Hurricane Floyd, more than 200,000 homes lost power.

One of the best things that you can do for your home if you live in the Wilmington area is install hurricane shutters. And of these shutters, Rolldown shutters are the top of the line. They are convenient, fit seamlessly with any style or type of home, and provide you with the best hurricane protection that money can buy. And they’re more economical than you might think, once you add in all the benefits.

Rolldown or rolling shutters:
Close in seconds. One flip of a switch or touch of a button and they roll down seamlessly. In case of power outages, there is always a manual option, which is also quickly initiated.
Withstand high winds of hurricanes and tropical storms. Wind-rated, to provide you with the best protection.
Protect you against missile impacts. Debris thrown at high speed during storms can reach speeds in excess of 150 mph, even during a Category 1 storm.
Protect you against pressure changes that happen during a storm. A breached window or door can cause a sudden pressure change that can unbelievably rip off roofs and tear away walls. Shutters keep this from happening, and keep you and your home safe.
Provide you with great light control even when a storm is not imminent. This can vary from opening the shutters partway for a dim light, to closing them completely for an almost black-out effect.
Provide extra insulation and stop heat and air conditioning loss. This can lower your utility bills considerably.
May lower your home insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer a reduced rate for homes with hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters reduce the chance of damage to your home in a storm, and this means less payout for them. They reward you with a lower price. It’s a win-win for you and the insurance companies.
Have great life expectancy. Rolldown shutters last for years and years. When you divide the number of years by the amount you pay, rolling shutters turn from a great value into a phenomenal one.

Rolling shutters protect your Wilmington Delaware during a tropical storm or hurricane. They’re a great value, and provide you with superior protection against storms. Consider adding them to your home today.

Why You Should Have Hurricane Shutters on Your Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Home

The state of Delaware often experiences the direct effects of the landfall of North Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes, and sustains damage from the remnants of some Pacific storms. Heavy rainfall and high winds are common, as are riptides and heavy surf and flooding during tropical storms. At least 108 tropical storms or hurricanes have been recorded as affecting the state, including 21 which passed directly over them. Coastal Delaware is often hit by tropical storms and sustains damage.

And nowhere is this more true than the Rehoboth Beach area of Delaware. It’s a popular vacation destination, and its seasonal population swells to over 25,000 in the city limits and thousands more in the surrounding area in the summer. Hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th, and this puts tourists and residents alike at risk.

When Hurricane Bonnie hit over the western Atlantic Ocean, the currents drowned one person and resulted in many lifeguard rescues at Rehoboth Beach. Coastal Delaware experienced the fringe effects of the storm, including beach erosion and high wind gusts.

If you live in the Rehoboth Beach area, you are well advised to add hurricane shutters to your home. High winds and heavy rain are common during the tropical storms and hurricanes, and the best protection for your home is hurricane shutters. Permanent hurricane shutters are an economical, convenient solution for home protection.

Hurricane shutters:

Are missile impact tested to withstand the debris thrown at high speed during the storm.

Are tested to withstand high winds, up to 150 miles per hour.

Protect you against the pressure changes that occur during the storm. Pressure changes can actually rip off a roof or tear down a whole wall, and when your windows or doors are breached, the sudden pressure changes can do devastating damage. Hurricane shutters keep this from happening, and keep you safe from the sudden pressure changes.

Protect you from the tornadoes often spawned by hurricanes and tropical storms, hurricane shutters safeguard your home, and protect you from these ‘spin-offs’ of the storm. Tornadoes can occur up to three days after a tropical storm or hurricane has passed, and shutters are one of the best protection against these devastating storm residue.

Can be closed in a matter of minutes when a storm is imminent. If you are putting up temporary shutters to cover your windows and doors, it can take hours, or even days to get them installed correctly. Permanent hurricane shutters can be closed all around your home in a matter of minutes, taking the worry out of your mind. You don’t have to struggle or rush, and if you have Rolling shutters, you can close them with a flip of a switch. Boom, you’re done, and your home is safe.

Can save you money on your home insurance. Most insurance companies will give you a break on your insurance if you install hurricane shutters. They make your home more secure, and this means insurance companies pay out less money. They pass these savings on to you in the form of lowered premiums.