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Palm Springs, Florida and Impact Hurricane Windows

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Florida is probably not the state you think of when you hear the name Palm Springs. But this town has it all over that other Palm Springs – who wants to live in the desert, when you can live in sunny Florida, with access to beaches and the warm waters of the ocean? It’s a great place to call home, the town council says, and they are right, but only if you’re prepared for hurricane season.

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th each year, and Florida is the state most often hit or brushed by tropical storms. Whether it’s a storm or it turns into a hurricane, the high winds and torrential rain can mean damage to your home and property. And that’s not even mentioning the tornadoes that often come with hurricanes and storms. These can come up suddenly for days after the hurricane passes.

So what should a Palm Springs resident do to protect their home? They should make sure the points of entry into their home are protected. One way to do this is to install hurricane shutters – but a better way of protecting your home is to install impact hurricane windows. Impact hurricane windows are rated and approved by stringent Miami-Dade codes, and Florida state codes. They can withstand very high winds – think 150 and above – and missile impacts from debris thrown at high speed by wind gusts during the storm. They won’t shatter, and they won’t shower you with shards of glass flying through the air. The glass in these windows is coated with the same type of thing that is used on car windshields; but impact hurricane windows come in two panes of glass with a strengthening lining between the two layers. You can’t beat that kind of storm protection – shatter proof and three strong layers between your home and the storm.

The most common damage to homes during hurricanes is water entering the house – impact hurricane windows keep this from happening, and they are a great barrier. Not only will they not let water through the glass, the heavy duty aluminum framing fits tightly in the space, keeping out water leakage and air leakage around the window as well.

There’s no better kind of window than an impact hurricane window, and the federal government agrees: that’s why they’re giving you a tax credit just for installing these types of windows on your home. You can get up to $500 right off your yearly taxes when you install these energy efficient windows. Make sure to ask your dealer or contractor for you tax credit paperwork when you buy them for your home.

Impact Hurricane Windows in Palm Beach for Energy and Emergency Management

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Palm Beach is a barrier island, and it is sixteen miles long. It’s located 65 miles from Miami, Florida, and is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Intracoastal Waterway. This keeps Palm Beach separate from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. It’s close to the Gulf Stream’s warm water, so the landscaping is rich and natural, there are beaches galore, and the water activities are popular and many. The city of Palm Beach wants to protect their remaining open spaces and manage their redevelopment, and they want to improve energy management and emergency management. Emergencies in Florida most often mean hurricanes and tropical storms.

One of the ways to both improve energy management and emergency management during hurricanes is to install impact hurricane windows. There is no better protection against flying debris and high winds and they’re the only type of window not required to be covered by hurricane shutters in the event of a storm. That’s a Florida law – uncovered impact resistant windows are still covered by insurance. That’s how strong they are – they are protection on their own, without being shuttered. And their unique qualities not only protect your home, they keep you from losing heat or cold air from around the windows, and reduce heat or cold transfer from inside or outside the house. That saves energy, and saves money. Less energy used equals less money spent on utility bills. They are Energy Star qualified and marked as such, and you can take a tax credit right off your taxes when you buy and install them. The government recognizes their energy saving properties, and give you money back – up to 500 dollars.

This is partly because of the special impact resistant coating on impact hurricane windows. It is strong and durable, and doesn’t shatter. If cracked, it stays in the frame and doesn’t assault your home and family with flying fragments of glass as regular or standard windows can do when they break during a storm. The glass of these windows comes in a double layer, with a strong lining between the two of them, and debris thrown by the storm with the force of a missile, wind, or rain can’t get through the three layers of these windows to enter and destroy your home.

Impact hurricane windows are your best bet for home protection if you live in Palm Beach – they meet two of the categories that Palm Beach promotes for itself as a city. They manage energy consumption, and they help with emergency management during a storm. That’s first class protection for your home.

Ocean Ridge Hurricane Impact windows

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Ocean Ridge, Florida offers residents a great place to live. Sunshine and warm weather in a genial atmosphere are hard to beat – but Ocean Ridge doesn’t try to pretend that nothing bad ever happens in Florida. That’s why they offer an entire range of hurricane preparedness services, to help their residents and visitors alike be ready in the event of a storm. They cover everything from preparing your home to after-disaster services, and they want you to know what to expect during and after a storm passes through.

One of the things that you must do to protect your home when a hurricane or tropical storm is coming is protect the entrances of your home. From windows to glass doors, they must be covered by shutters during a storm, or they must be made of impact resistant glass. Impact hurricane windows are the only type of windows that don’t have to be covered during a severe storm. That’s not an opinion, it’s a Florida law – they’re the only window that is not required to have further protection in order to be covered by your insurance policy. The impact resistant glass is so strong and so resists breakage, they don’t need additional help to protect you.

Hurricane impact windows are made to both protect your home and be energy efficient at the same time, making them a great choice during home makeovers or for installation. They have a heavy duty aluminum frame that fits tightly in the space provided, leaving no air leaks around them. Air loss through and around windows is the likeliest place in your home to lose energy, and impact hurricane windows take this worry away. They have two panes of glass, specially coated with a special glazing for shatter proofing, with an inner layer between the two panes. This means no heat or cold transfer from the outside or inside of the house, making them energy efficient in that way, as well. You won’t lose heat or cold air, and the inside of your house won’t heat up from the rays of the sun. The special coating also blocks out ninety nine percent of the harmful UV rays of the sun, making sun damage to the furnishings and curtains inside your home happen very slowly, if at all.

Ocean Ridge residents who want to save money and protect their homes should have impact hurricane windows installed on their homes today. They’re the best protection that you can have on your home, and they’re well worth the initial cost.

Energy Savings and Home Protection with Impact Hurricane windows in Lantana, florida

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Lantana Florida doubles by half again during tourist season. They are ready for visitors, and they know that tourism is big business and should be a priority. What is also a priority in Lantana is sustainable energy. Lantana was recently awarded a grant to install several types of energy-saving equipment to convert an old building and help pay for projects that reduce fossil fuel emissions, reduce total energy use, and improve energy efficiency throughout the city. The grant will pay for a system to generate electricity, a solar water heating system, and energy-efficient windows. Any unused electricity they generate can be sold back to a utility company.

The energy efficient windows that they are installing in Lantana are impact hurricane windows. These windows are so energy efficient that the United States government is giving a tax credit back to consumers just for buying and installing them on their homes. Up to 500 dollars per consumer is allowed to be taken off their taxes. So this Florida town is doing the smart thing by installing them, and they’re going to save money and reduce their energy costs and usage.

If it’s good for the government of Lantana Florida, it is good for the residents there, as well. Installing hurricane impact or impact resistant windows is the best way to both protect your home from storms and save energy and money on utility bills. The special triple layer – two layers of specially coated glass and a strong lining – keeps the storm out and stops energy loss from your home. No air entry means less cost to heat or cool, and the tight framing with heavy duty aluminum stops loss around the window as well. Savings and protection, all in the same product – you can’t beat that kind of practicality.

These impact hurricane windows eventually pay for themselves – the tax credit and the monthly savings on utilities and energy use are great, but they aren’t the end of the story. Most insurance companies give you a break on your monthly premiums when you install them. The average savings in Florida after installing impact hurricane windows is 20%, though the savings can be more than that, up to 40% in some cases.
Impact hurricane windows are the best thing that you can do to protect your home from the storm and save money. Ask the government of Lantana, Florida – they’re putting them in their buildings, and they’re looking forward to the protection and savings they will reap.

Saving Money and Energy in Lake Worth Florida with Impact Hurricane Windows

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Right in the heart of Palm Beach County lies Lake Worth, a city right on the lake, of course, as the name implies. It’s also bordered by the Atlantic, giving it a double whammy of possible areas of storm surge when a hurricane or tropical storm hits the area. They’re a town that thinks their historical significance and old Florida ambience is important. They’re also very environmentally conscious. They take hurricane preparedness seriously, because they want to protect their city and its old world atmosphere.

One of the best, most environmentally conscious ways that you can protect your home is to install impact hurricane windows. If you are building a home, make sure that these impact resistant windows and doors are part of the package. If you are already live in a home or are buying one currently standing and they have regular or standard windows, consider retrofitting them with new windows. Not only will it save you from the ravages of the storm, it will reduce your energy consumption and save you money at the same time.

Because of their unique properties, impact hurricane windows keep energy loss from happening in your home. They are double paned and specially coated, with a lining between the two layers that both improves the strength of the window and reduces air loss. The heavy duty aluminum frames fit tightly, further reducing air loss around the window. And the triple layer keeps heat transfer from happening – in other words, your house won’t heat up inside from the sun, and neither will the cold from your air conditioning be transferred outside through the glass. The special coating also blocks UV rays, up to 99% of them, and this reduces damage to your home and furnishings. This all saves you money, and reduces your energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption means reducing your energy bills, as well. That’s a great benefit.
Impact hurricane windows are so good at saving energy, in fact, that the government gives you a tax credit just for installing them. Up to $500 dollars can be taken off your taxes when they are installed on your home.

Saving money, saving the environment, and saving the old Florida lifestyle in Lake Worth: these are all worthwhile things. And while you are doing all of that, you can protect your home at the same time. Installing impact hurricane windows is a smart move for savvy homeowners, and for those who are prepared for the storms that happen regularly in Florida life.

Storm Preparation in Jupiter Florida with Impact Hurricane windows

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Jupiter Florida takes hurricanes seriously, and so should you. They offer a way to develop your family’s hurricane preparedness plan, and offer links on their website. They tell you to visit the Florida Department of Emergency Management’s disaster preparedness website and use their interactive online tool to prepare and print your family’s plan. This creates a customized plan for you and your family in the event of a hurricane. Preparation is the key to surviving a hurricane safely, and Jupiter wants you to be prepared. They even offer a link to Palm Beach County’s website for emergency information and a list of stores and gas stations with generators. They tell you the difference between tropical storm warnings, hurricane watches, and hurricane warnings. They give you a listing of storm categories and the storm surge and wind speed you can expect to see with each one. They’re prepared for the storm. Are you?

The best thing you can do to protect your home and prepare for the storm is install impact hurricane shutters. If you ‘re building a home, they should come standard. Make sure to check with your contractor to be sure that this is so. And if you’re in a home currently or are buying one, you can retrofit your home with these impact resistant windows and doors, and receive a tax credit of up to $500 for doing so. That’s a win win scenario for you: Premiere hurricane protection and money back for installing them.

Impact hurricane windows are allowed by Florida law to be left bared during a storm, and they will still be covered by insurance. That’s how safe they are; they don’t need to be covered by hurricane shutters. They provide enough defenses on their own, and eliminate the need to have install, cutting down on both your costs and time spent preparing for a storm. When a storm is coming, you don’t have to rush outside and either install temporary shutters or close permanently installed ones. That’s one less chore you have to do when a storm is imminent. You have coverage and safety already, and hurricane impact windows are convenient and safe. They protect you and your family completely.

They have double panes of glass, with a strengthening inner core, and even if the glass is breaks, it stays in the frame. That means no shards of glass flying around your home, and no entry way for the storm to reach you. Impact hurricane windows are your best bet; be like Jupiter Florida, and be prepared.

Hurricane Preparation with Impact Resistant Windows in Juno Beach Florida

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

The town of Juno Beach, Florida is prepared for hurricanes. A hurricane emergency is declared as soon as the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning for the area, and then the town’s Emergency Operations plan kicks into effect, staying in operation until the storm has passed. They even have a plan in place to identify residents who would have a problem evacuating their homes and need some type of assistance when evacuation is required. They’ve got a database of residents who need transportation to a shelter or any other special assistance because of disabilities, age, or other just plain lack of a way to go.

Juno Beach is prepared for hurricanes. Are you? If you live in the area, you are right on the coast, with easy access to beaches and water. That’s a plus in the warm Florida weather – and it’s a minus when a hurricane or tropical storm is on the way. You don’t have the luxury of not planning ahead for hurricanes and storms – you must keep your home and family safe. Like Juno Beach, you need a plan. And part of that plan must always be hurricane or storm proofing your home. Hurricanes bring high winds and driving rain, and they bring tornadoes that pop up suddenly.

One of the best things you can do to protect your home is install impact hurricane windows. They’re the best type of window for Florida homes – they provide protection against storms that is unparalleled. They’re shatter resistant, they stay in the frames when cracked, they seal tightly, and they’re a hard barrier to get through. High winds and debris thrown at high speeds by those winds can’t break that barrier easily – impact hurricane windows have three tough layers. Two of those layers are specially coated glass, and they have a lining between them that makes them even tougher to break. That’s three layers of protection for your home. Four, if you count the heavy weight aluminum framing they are encased in, and that is a major factor in their strength and tight fit.

Living in Juno Beach Florida is close to paradise – but its not all fun and games. You must be aware of the dangers of hurricane season and take precautions. Installing impact hurricane windows on your home is one way to protect it, and an easy one. They don’t require coverage by hurricane shutters, and that makes them simple. You have year round protection without doing another thing.

Save on Energy Bills in Highland Beach with Impact Hurricane windows

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

If you live in Highland Beach, you probably know there is a lights out ordinance from dusk to dawn from March to October. Sea turtles that have just hatched out use light to find their way to the water, and lighting away from the water causes them to head the wrong direction, away from the ocean, and this can mean their death. Lights that can be seen from the beach must be turned off during sea turtle season. There’s another benefit to this, as well – you save energy, and thus, your energy bills go down each month. You’re not only saving turtles, you’re saving the environment at the same time – and saving money.

There’s another way, a very practical one, to save money in energy bills if you live in Highland Beach – install impact hurricane windows on your home. You need the hurricane proofing on your home, and this alternative to shutters means that you can reduce energy costs and make your utility bills go down each month. It’s a no-brainer – save money, and protect your home and family from the hurricanes and tropical storms that plague Florida each year, all at the same time.
Impact hurricane windows fit tightly, with little air loss. Less air loss means less cost to cool your home in those warm and humid Florida summer months. They also don’t transfer heat into your home because they have three layers – two panes of specially coated, shatter resistant glass with an inner reinforcing layer between them. The windows stay in the frames when cracked – and they’re very hard to crack, being rigorously missile impact tested and wind tested – and they not only keep heat away from your home’s interior, they keep out the wind and rain and pressure changes that happen during hurricanes and tropical storms. They also keep out the damaging UV rays of the sun – they block 99% of ultraviolet rays – and this means less sun damage to your curtains, furnishings, and carpets. Less damage means less replacement, and that equals less money spent for you.

There’s a tax credit available because of the energy efficiency of these windows, as well: Up to $500 dollars can be taken off your taxes when they are installed on your home, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Hurricane impact windows are energy efficient, and protect your home from storms. If you live in Highland Beach, you need storm protection. Why not save money, your home, and your environment all at the same time?

Delray Beach and Impact Hurricane windows to Keep Your Home Safe

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Delray Beach is located in southern Palm Beach County, right on the Atlantic Ocean. They’re a resort town, and offer visitors beauty, night life, and nearly two miles of beautiful beaches.

Delray Beach is a welcoming place; the visitors and tourist are their business, and those people never have to think of the downside of living in a Florida city. But if you’re a permanent resident of Delray Beach, you’d be best advised to prepare for hurricane season. Every year, Florida is brushed or hit by tropical storms or hurricanes, and sometimes that means property damage. In the most severe cases, it can mean loss of life, as well. Preparation is key to surviving a storm and keeping your home’s damage to a minimum. And one of the best ways to make sure that your home is safe is to storm proof it.

You must either put up hurricane shutters when a storm is coming, or you must have impact hurricane windows installed on your home. Hurricane impact windows with their impact resistant glass – a double layer – special inner lining for strength, shatter proof abilities, and heavy weight aluminum framing are the best kind of window you can have in your home when a hurricane or tropical storm is coming. They don’t shatter and bombard you with flying glass, they fit tightly in the heavy duty, strong frame, and there are three layers that must be broken or penetrated before the wind and rain can come into your home and wreak havoc. That’s a lot of protection.

The state of Florida recognizes these kinds of windows with their impact resistant glass as so safe, they’re the only type that doesn’t have to be covered by hurricane shutters in order to have insurance coverage on your home. They recognize them as sufficient to protect your home and family, and insurance companies will even give you a break when you retrofit them on your home. The average wind coverage savings for installing hurricane impact windows in florida is 20%, and that means more cash in your pocket, and that your windows gradually pay for themselves.

Impact hurricane windows are safe; living right on the water as you do in Delray Beach, you must have a secure home. You’re closer to where hurricanes make landfall, and you will be hit harder than other Florida cities that are farther away from the ocean. Install impact hurricane windows today, and make your home safer.

Go Green in Boynton Beach with Impact Hurricane Windows

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

In 2008, the City of Boynton Beach adopted a resolution to establish a Green Task Force to improve and sustain the environmental needs of the city. They wanted to reduce energy use, conserve water, keep down waste, and make their city sustainable and environmentally friendly. They realized that environmentally sound practices will save the city money, energy and resources, and save our environment for future generations.

Saving the environment is a serious issue – one of the things that Boynton Beach recommends for citizens is that they make their home greener, and one way to do this is to install impact hurricane windows.
Hurricane impact windows are made to be energy efficient, and for green renovation or installation, they are the absolute best choice you can make. They have a heavy duty aluminum frame that reduces air leaks around the windows because of the tight fit, and air loss through and around windows is the number one cause of energy loss and thus, high energy use and high utility bills. They have two panes of glass, specially coated with a special finish for strength, with an interior liner put in between the two strong, shatter proof layers. This makes the heat transfer from the outside or inside of the house very slight, making them even more energy efficient. You won’t lose the cold air of your air conditioning inside, and your house also won’t heat up from the rays of the sun. This makes you use much less energy – less to cool it down, and less to keep it cool. The unique shatter proof coating also blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun, making sun damage lessen and keeping you from having to replace them. Longer replacement time means more help for the environment, and you’ve just gone passively greener without even trying.

Hurricane impact windows are so energy efficient, the government even gives you a special tax credit when you install them on your home. It’s a credit for using less energy, and up to $500 can be taken off your taxes when you install impact hurricane windows or doors.

Impact hurricane windows protect your home, save you money, and let you go green and protect the environment, all at the same time. Not only are they the best way to prepare for hurricanes, they’re the best way to ‘green’ your home. We’re saving the environment for our children and future generations, and installing impact hurricane windows is one way to do it.