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Can I order a shutter in any size?

We custom make the shutters to fit your window and door sizes. Some shutters do have size limitations. For more information, contact our office at 888-474-3555.

Do all of the Bahama Shutters provide sun protection?

Yes. We have three different types of Bahama Shutters, and the type you need may depend on your location and what you’re using them for. All of the Bahama Shutter provide significant sun protection. For more information, contact our office at 888-474-3555.

How can i see the color selection for the Bahama shutters?

We offer over 180 custom color choices for the Bahama shutters. A color chart is available on our website:

Where are you located?

We are in Sunrise, Florida.

Does the hurricane fabric come with all of the hardware I would need to mount it?

Yes, all mounting hardware is included with the fabric.

Do you have corrugated panels?

Yes, we have aluminum, steel and clear corrugated panels.

Where can I see your shutters?

For pictures, visit our website:
If you would like sample shutters, contact our office: 888-474-3555.

Can Accordion Shutters be used for security?

Yes, they are sturdy shutters and are designed with a keyed lock.

Do you have any clear shutters?

We have clear Protexan Panels.

What is the difference between the HV1 and the HV3 Accordion Shutter?

The HV1 Shutter is for use on commercial buildings as well as on residential properties. THe HV3 is solely for use on residential properties. The HV1 is of a slightly thicker gauge than the HV3 and is also slightly more expensive. Both shutters meet the wind load ratings for hurricane protection.