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These Accordion Shutters Provide Durable Lifetime Protection for Your Home or Business in Mobile, Alabama

What’s the best way to protect your windows and doors in Mobile? Your window and door protection should be sturdy, yet easy to use; it should be strong enough to keep your home or business safe, but it should still look good. Maybe you’ve been using plywood or storm panels, but if you’re looking for….

Boca Raton’s Residents Prefer Accordion Shutters from

Do you live in Boca Raton, Florida? This coastal paradise in South Florida is home to people of all ages, but is still an area that is prone to severe impacts by the increasing frequency and strength of Atlantic Ocean basin hurricanes, seasonal thunderstorms, and other extreme weather events. Are you anxious to step up….

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature! Protect Your Home or Business with Durable Accordion Shutters in New Orleans, Louisiana

Is your home or business ready for a storm? Are all of your windows and doors secured? When a storm is heading towards New Orleans, you may not have much time to prepare your home or business. If you don’t have storm shutters ready to go, you’re risking broken windows, property damage, and unsafe conditions….

Protect Your Business from Heavy Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Vandals in Tampa, Florida

Hurricanes may not strike Tampa, Florida very often, but that doesn’t mean you can don’t need window and door protection for your home or business. Hurricanes aren’t the only thing that can break or damage your windows and leave you dealing with expensive repairs. While you should always be prepared for the event of a….

The Best Accordion Shutters for Your Windows and Doors in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Uncovered windows and doors aren’t working anymore. The threat of damage to your property is too real. Plywood can work sometimes, and storm panels are ok, but you don’t want window and door protection that’s just ok, you want the best for your home or business. That’s where we come in. At Empire Construction &….

Affordable Protection for Your Windows and Doors in Key West, Florida

The Southernmost point in the US, the historic homes, the museums, the tours, the restaurants and bars…the hurricanes, the storms, the threats to your windows and doors – fun and tourism aren’t the only things to consider in Key West.  If you make Key West, Florida your home, or your vacation home away from home,….

In uncertain times, you can count on these sturdy roll-down security shutters for your home or business

It’s hard to imagine what theft, violent storms and hurricanes have in common. The answer is quite simple! Keeping the bad stuff out – preventing the thief from entering your home or business; keeping the violent storm or hurricane from compromising the integrity of your property by keeping the windows and doors intact.  That’s where….

Roll-down Shutters Offer Maximum Strength and Insulation against Weather Extremes, the Sun, and Noise

Do you live in Florida, a paradise, but still a state that is prone to severe impacts by the increasing frequency and strength of Atlantic Ocean basin hurricanes and other extreme weather events? Has the material of your beautiful furniture and artwork suffered due to incessant heat and sunlight exposure from the unforgiving Florida sun?….

Protect Your Home or Business in Tampa St. Petersburg with Rolling Storm Shutters

You may have picked out the perfect windows when you moved into your home, and take pride in how nice they look. You make sure the windows in your office are clean, and keep your glass doors looking their best. Your windows are important to you – but burglars don’t care about your windows. Your….

When Severe Weather Hits, Roll-Down Shutters Offer Reliable Window Protection in Delray Beach, Florida

Delray, Florida is notorious for its active nightlife, especially on Atlantic Avenue. Locals refer to the loud, entertaining street, full of upscale restaurants and bars as “The Ave”. If you live near Delray Beach, you probably have spent a decent amount of money throughout your residency on “The Ave” for some unforgettable nights. Although the….