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Get Your Home or Business Hurricane-Ready in Crestview, Florida

From the “the icebox of Florida” to “Hub City”, Crestview is one of Florida’s fastest growing cities, with residential developments, shopping, and land area to grow. After Hurricane Michael, a devastating category 4 storm hit the area, the need to prepare your home or business from any future hurricanes has never been more evident.Hurricanes are unpredictable,….

The Winds are Changing, and a Storm is Brewing! Are you prepared?

Hurricane season is a tricky time and they are not ones who give you treats. Its October! We are in hurricane season! The season ends in November and the peak time is in September but that doesn’t mean we still couldn’t get a storm! October is a month of horror and that’s exactly what a….

Hurricanes Are on the Horizon- Washington County, FL! You need to take caution!

Hurricanes are not a joking matter! They are serious and can cause a lot of harm and trouble for a community, and even more so for a county! People can get injured and even be killed from the destruction that a hurricane creates. The way of life after a hurricane is altered for a long….

You Need Hurricane Protection Now! Not When it’s too Late!

Hurricane Michael just hit the coast of the Florida Panhandle! Damage from flooding and storm surge is horrific, and the extreme damage to the infrastructure is extensive. Too many people lost their lives or their homes! Hurricane Michael was a category 4 when it made landfall and winds reportedly reached 155MPH. Meteorologists warned that if….

How Accordion Shutters Can Keep Homes and Commercial Buildings in Bay County, FL Safe from Hurricanes

If you live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you are no strange to hurricane preparation. Every few years, a storm passes through the Gulf and sometimes makes a direct hit to Florida’s panhandle, as Hurricane Michael did recently. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes can devastate an area and require massive cleanup efforts. If your….

Hurricane Storm Panels Are the Best All-Around Protection in Pensacola, Florida!

Category 3 Hurricane Michael had one of the strongest winds power for a Florida Panhandle landfall on record. Hurricane Michael was disastrous and caused widespread significant flooding and damage, which is crippling local business and the economy. This hurricane only happened a week ago and had come out of the blue. There is no telling….

Accordion Shutters Protect Homes from Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Theft in Gulf County, FL

Late-season hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t uncommon in the Atlantic. When these storms move into the Gulf of Mexico, residents of Florida’s west coast and panhandle have to prepare for the possibility of a direct hit. Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes and other buildings due to the high winds and heavy rain they….

Get Top-of-the-Line Hurricane Protection with Custom Rolling Shutters in Milton, Florida

There are plenty of ways to cover your windows in advance of a storm. Some ways are better than others. Some hurricane protection products are better than others. If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable shutter for your home or commercial building in Milton, FL, take a look at the superior hurricane protection products….

Accordion Shutters Provide Sturdy Window and Door Protection for Floridians

When a hurricane is approaching your area, you have to do a lot of things to prepare. Securing your windows, doors, and other openings vulnerable to wind and water damage is no doubt one of the many storm prep tasks on your list. Properly securing your windows and doors is one of the most important….

Protect Your Windows with Hurricane Panels

Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage. Residents of Fort Walton Beach and throughout Florida’s panhandle have seen this firsthand, most recently with the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael. While you can’t protect your home from every type of storm damage that category 4 and 5 hurricanes can cause, you can take every possible precaution and use….