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Hurricane Panels are Better than Plywood for Tallahassee Homes and Businesses

Whenever a hurricane is on its way to a city in Florida, there are a few familiar sites you can count on seeing: weather reporters in storm ponchos standing on beaches, cars packing the roads as evacuees get out of the storm’s path, locals lining up for storm supplies, and the plywood going up. Yes,….

The Best Deal on Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Savannah, Georgia

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah was Established in 1733 and was the last of the 13 original colonies. This southern coastal city is packed with charm and is noted for its beautiful, tree-lined streets, antebellum architecture and southern hospitality.  Savannah is also no stranger to Mother Nature. Its hot and humid summers and frequent thunderstorm activity….

Get the Best Hurricane Shutters for Homes in Hampton, Virginia

Living on the Atlantic coast means scenic views, great sunrises over the ocean, plenty of fishing and boating, and easy access to beautiful beaches. But it also means something else during hurricane season – the chance of a hurricane strike. Cities along the Atlantic coast, like Hampton, Virginia, need to be extra-prepared for hurricanes and….

Protect Your Windows from Hurricanes in Norfolk, Virginia with High-Quality Storm Shutters

Every year, hurricanes and tropical storms form in the Atlantic. Most of these storms form between June and November, and can pose a threat to any coastal area of the United State’s east coast. Homes and commercial buildings in Norfolk and throughout the Chesapeake Bay area can be shielded from potential storm damage with the….

Custom-Made Hurricane Shutters for Homes and Commercial Buildings in Charleston, South Carolina

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause serious property damage. When a powerful storm makes landfall, it often brings heavy rain and high winds with it. Even category 1 and 2 storms can have high wind speeds. While you can’t keep a storm from coming your way, you can prevent some storm damage by installing high-quality….

This is the Hurricane Protection Hatteras, North Carolina Needs Now!

Hurricane Florence recently hit the coastal region of North Carolina leaving a devastating path of destruction in its wake. Flooding was horrific, and a lot of people have lost their lives or livelihoods! Winds from Hurricane Florence reportedly reached 100MPH. But believe it or not, hurricane winds can get much worse. If you are living….

Hurricanes are no joke in Masonboro Island, North Carolina! Order your hurricane shutters today!

Hurricanes are dangerous and destructive as we all have witnessed recently following Hurricane Florence. Many people living along the coast of North Carolina were terribly affected! Hurricane Florence’s winds hit at roughly 100MPH during this storm which is scary but it’s even more scary knowing that winds from a hurricane can be far worse.That’s why….

Storm Shutters Provide the Best Window Protection for Homes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When a hurricane is coming your way, you’ll need to make sure that your windows are fully covered. Why is this an important part of storm preparation for property owners in Myrtle Beach? Hurricanes and tropical storms that come in off the Atlantic can be very powerful, and conditions during a storm can quickly turn….

Where to Buy Hurricane Shutters in Terrebonne, Louisiana

If your home, restaurant, store, or office building doesn’t have storm shutters, you should act now. Without proper window and door coverage, high winds and heavy rain during a hurricane, tropical storm or any other seasonal weather disturbance can cause real damage to your property. Some property owners put off getting storm shutters, taking their….

Attention Bon Secour, Alabama: The Time Has Come for Hurricane Protection!

The threat of new hurricanes out in the distance is looming over everyone’s head on the east coast! In the middle of hurricane season, it’s a struggle to prepare for the outcome of a disaster on the horizon. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle with the help of Empire Construction & Development’s various….