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Storm Panels for Holiday, Pasco County, Florida

Storm panels for properties in Holiday, Pasco County, Florida offer several benefits, and one of the most useful is that storm panels can be custom engineered for any opening. The Census Designated Town of Holiday is no stranger to hurricanes. Over the years, it has suffered the wrath of Andrea in 2013, and before it….

Accordion Shutters for Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida

Crystal River in Citrus County, Florida lies to the northeast of Kings Bay and the eponymously named river. Crystal River lies in a high-risk hurricane zone. Since 1930, the area has been seen 60 hurricanes. Consider securing your premises from the damage caused by hurricane winds and the debris that they can fling at your….

Aluminum Panels and Clear Panels Provide Storm Protection for the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are known to have beautiful beaches and a year-round tropical climate that makes the three islands a popular destination for tourists. But the islands are also located in an area of the Caribbean that’s most prone to hurricane activity. Homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars in the Cayman Islands need to have….

Hurricane Shutters in Cedar Key, Levy County, Florida

The historic town of Cedar Key in Levy County, Florida has a record of getting hit by a hurricane every 2.61 years, on an average. In 2017, Hurricane Irma arrived here with 75 mph winds. Residential and business properties in Cedar Key need protection from hurricane damage, and the only way to achieve this is….

Aruba Residents: Here’s How to Secure Your Homes from Storms

Prominently known for its beautiful island beaches and tropical environment, Aruba is a place where many can only dream of vacationing one day. Residents of Aruba, both year-round and part-time, know all too well how suddenly the charming atmosphere can drastically change once tropical storms strike. Each year storms circulating the Bahamas cause destruction, and….

Hurricane Storm Panels Eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Angst

It’s certainly not uncommon to go several years without a hurricane coming ashore in Florida, the Gulf States, or the Caribbean. But once the weatherman starts tracking a potentially severe hurricane, anxiety and fear kick in for everyone! With Storm Panels from Hurricane Shutters Florida, you and your family can properly prepare your home against….

Affordable Hurricane Storm Panels in Jamaica for Home or Business

You may be wondering how you can protect your home from hurricanes and tropical storms in Jamaica. Installing top-quality storm protection products from Empire Construction & Development is the best way to protect your property from dangerous storms during hurricane season and throughout the rest of the year.If you want a storm protection product that….

Act Now to Prepare for Hurricane Season with Storm Panels

With peak hurricane season almost upon us, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your home against the severe damage tropical storms can cause. At Florida Hurricane Shutters, we can provide you with top-of-the-line quality panel shutters that will give you and your family peace of mind while inside the comfort of your home.Our….

Storm Panels Provide Effective Storm Protection

If you are in the market for storm shutters, you may have noticed that there are a lot of options out there. At Empire Construction and Development, our experience in manufacturing and selling storm protection products has shown that the best products for storm protection are: *Durable *Easy to install *Easy to use *Cost-effective Storm….

Which Type of Storm Panel is Right for Your Home?

Anyone who has been through a hurricane can tell you that these powerful storms can be pretty nerve-wracking. Hurricanes bring high winds and flying debris that are a danger to your safety and your home — these storms can potentially cause broken windows and other property damage. When waiting out a hurricane inside your home,….