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Colonial Shutters Provide Great Storm Protection for the Dominican Republic

Each hurricane season, the Dominican Republic may see storm activity. Hurricanes, and even Tropical storms, can bring strong wind and heavy rain to the Greater Antilles. Homes and businesses without proper storm protection run the risk of serious storm damage. High-quality hurricane shutters can reduce the risk of property damage from storms for property owners….

Bahama Shutters Keep Homes in Providencia Island Safe

Each hurricane season, safety is a priority for residents of the Caribbean islands. Homes in Providencia Island need effective storm protection to prevent the damage a hurricane or tropical storm can cause. With dangerously high wind speeds, driving rain, and the ability to send objects flying through the air, windows on all homes in areas….

Colonial Shutters Protect Homes in Guadeloupe

When dangerous storms threaten your home, you want to know that you have the best available storm protection in place. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones pose a threat to the Lesser Antilles and other Caribbean islands each hurricane season. The high wind speeds of these storms can cause serious property damage, but installing high-quality….

Bahama Shutters Protect Against Hurricanes in Jamaica

Residents of Jamaica should be preparing their homes and commercial properties for possible storms this hurricane season. The Caribbean islands frequently experience hurricanes and tropical storms that bring high winds and heavy rain with them when they pass through an area. To protect your property from potential storm damage, Bahama hurricane shutters from Empire Construction….

Protect Your Property in the Bahamas with Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Due to their location in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands of the Bahamas are susceptible to the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms, especially during hurricane season (from the 1st of June to the 30th of November.) Hurricane shutters are an effective means of protecting your property in the Bahamas from….

Get Accordion Shutters for Your Property in Curacao

For homes, businesses and hotels in Curacao, accordion shutters provide excellent protection from tropical storms, wind and rain, sun, heat, and even theft. Maybe you don’t yet have shutters on your commercial or residential property in Curacao. Maybe the shutters you have aren’t working or are difficult to use. If so, you should consider installing….

Accordion Shutters Offer Superior Protection in Bonaire

If you live in Bonaire, you probably know that hurricanes do not hit your home island too often. So, unlike many other Caribbean island property owners, you may not have installed hurricane shutters on your home or commercial building. Why should you get hurricane shutters in Bonaire? Well, shutters have substantial benefits aside from hurricane….

Accordion Shutters Protect Homes in Trinidad and Tobago

If you are looking for a hurricane shutter that is not only durable but also easy to use, accordion shutters are the storm shutters for you. Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made with maximum storm protection, reliability, and convenience in mind. We want our customers in Trinidad and Tobago to have….

Get Hurricane Protection in Grenada with Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Each hurricane season, Grenada and other islands in the Caribbean may be affected by hurricanes, tropical storms, and potentially damaging wind and rain. After many years of avoiding a direct hit from any hurricanes, Grenada suffered from the impact of hurricanes making landfall two years in a row, in 2004 and 2005. While there is….

Roll-down Hurricane Shutters Keep Homes in Antigua Safe

Residents of Antigua, as well as tourists to the island, must be aware of the threat that hurricanes pose to the Caribbean islands during hurricane season. Hurricanes and even tropical storms can cause substantial damage. Antiguans remember the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma on their neighboring island Barbuda in 2017. Installing high-quality hurricane shutters on….