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Jacksonville Hurricane Shutters for Storm Safety

Residents and businesses in Jacksonville are vulnerable to hurricanes and the devastation they bring. Hurricane Matthew brought home the message in no uncertain terms. Even though the storm did not turn into a category 4 storm, it caused enough damage in Duval County to remind people that there is no alternative to hurricane shutters. Rolling….

Miami Accordion Shutters – The Best Choice for Easy Use and Durability

While Miami and counties close by may have escaped the fury of Hurricane Matthew, the event brought to light the poor state of preparedness of many residents with respect to hurricanes. If you’re a resident of Miami city or surrounding areas, you cannot ignore the warnings that nature is sending your way. You have a….

Hurricane Season Preparation in Florida – Lessons Learnt from Hermine

Hermine was the first hurricane to hit the state of Florida in a really long time. The hurricane made landfall in the Big Bend region on 2 September. It was characterized by 80-mph winds. Communities along the coast had to evacuate and many areas had to live without power for as long as a week…..

Hurricane Matthew Leaves Six Dead in Florida

Hurricane Matthew, the 13th storm of the season, has moved away from Florida, but only after battering the east coast of the state. The hurricane has resulted in six fatalities and has left behind in its wake-uprooted trees, blown transformers, and flooding in coastal areas. However, the state can consider itself lucky that the storm….

Can you shut the power off on the electric shutters?

Q: Can you shut the power off on the electric shutters? or are they always on? A: they are always connected to the electric

hey there quick question about measuring door openings for roll down shutters

ok Q: which is correct: measuring the distance between door frame to door frame which for a standard door is 36″ or measure from outside of the jamb to outside of the jamb which would be about 37.5″ this is a pre-hung door A: I would say the door jam because the shutter will be….

just trying to get an estimate on storm window protection

A: what type of shutter? Q: how expensive are the roll down coverings for windows and can they go over glass doors A: yes they can, but “build out” may have to be used so it not as flush as over a typical window. Please call our office and speak to Michael, he can guide….

I am pricing security shutters for my storefront

I am pricing shutters Hello, I’m Evan. What can I do for you? you may want to hop over to our main website: 07:59 We are looking for storefront security 07:59 Ok probably accordion or Roll-down depending on the width 08:00 yes 08:00 how wide does the shutter need to be 08:00 we have….

I am moving to Boynton Beach soon and would like to get a quote for either roll down or accordion shutters.

We will close on August 1 and will be in Florida until August 8. Can we set up an appointment with you? sure, please call into our office and ask for Flora 888-474-3555

would your rolling shutters work for a concession stand door?

the front of a concession stand? indoor concession yes yes people use our rolling shutters for this purpose what gauge steel is used? they are aluminum watching the video my concern was time and use on having a hand crank to open it at 8 foot tall it would take less than a minute to….