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Why Rolldown Shutters are a Must for Cape Lookout Residents

If you are a resident of Cape Lookout, North Carolina then you know that your property requires hurricane protection. The memories of Hurricane Irene that made landfall here are still raw with the residents. Winds touching 64 miles per hour blew in from the ocean, this was a category 1 hurricane and it caused huge….

Rolling Shutters for Residents of Hilton Head Island- South Carolina

Residents of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and from June through September this island is vulnerable to hurricanes – it’s hurricane season. Although the last big hurricane that devastated the town was in 1896, there have been many evacuations over the years. And let us not forget, this is an island, which means it….

Points to keep in mind points to keep in mind for post-hurricane home renovation in Florida

Hurricanes are a reality in Florida, and so is the damage when one lands in the coastal areas of the state. Rebuilding hurricane damaged constructions requires special skill and knowledge. If your home in Florida has been recently damaged by hurricane you need to read this article and imbibe the points so that can secure….

How do I measure my windows for a price estimate?

We have measuring instructions on our website:

Are your rolling shutters made of aluminum?

Yes, our rolling shutters are made of durable, extruded aluminum. All of our shutters are made of aluminum, except for our clear protexan panels and our steel panels.

If I order the hurricane fabric, does it come with the hardware needed to install it?

Yes, we provide the necessary mounting hardware for your order. It is included in the cost of your order.

Roll – down shutters for residential security

Roll – down shutters bring with them features that are not easily found with other shutters. These are the only shutter types that offer dual benefits of residential security from theft and vandalism along with protection against storms and hurricanes. And by security I mean complete security that comes with ease of operation. These shutters….

Are any of your shutters suitable for blocking heat and light?

Yes, many of our shutters are perfect for light and heat reduction. Bahama shutters are a great option for continuous shade from light and heat; Rolling shutters and Accordion shutters would also block light and heat when closed. For more information, check out our products page

Can accordion shutters be locked from the inside?

Yes, if that’s what you need, we can make your accordion shutter so that the lock can be accessed from the inside of your home.

I am undecided about a color for my Bahama shutters. Is it possible to see a color chart?

Sure. You can call Sherwin Williams toll free at 1800-524-5979 and ask for an RAL color chart. This chart will show you the available colors in a true to life way.