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I am interested in shutters to protect against wind gusts. Which shutters would you recommend?

Either our accordion or roll down shutters.

I live in Davie, can I pick up the shutters at your warehouse?

Yes. We are in Sunrise. For more information, please contact our office at 888-474-3555.

Do you have a shutter that can be operated from inside of the home?

Yes. Our rolling shutters, accordions and hi-vis impact bahamas  can all be deployed from the inside the home.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts and specials every month.  Our current special offers you$100 off for every $1000 you spend.

Which shutters would be best for my safe room?

Most people choose our rolling shutters for safe rooms.

Are shutters for french doors available?

Yes, we make shutters in all sizes.

Are your shutters waterproof?

Our shutters will stop driving rain, sleet, or snow. However, they are designed to stop rising water.

What’s the difference between an HV1 and HV3 accordion shutter?

Both are approved for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone. The HV3 shutter is strictly a residential shutter.  It uses the same lock, centermate, and locking pins as the HV1 but the shutter blades and tracks are slightly thinner. The HV1 can be used as a residential or a commercial shutter.  With the heavier….

Do you ship to Connecticut?

Yes. We ship to any location in the continental U.S. or worldwide.

How many Storm Panels do I need to cover an opening 36” x 82”?

Three panels. Each panel will give you slightly more than 12” of coverage.