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Rolling Shutters – Prices and Performance Considerations

Rolling shutters prices are on the higher side than almost all other types because of the tremendous advantages they offer. Let us enumerate the factors that make these shutters such a good choice and also the points that can affect rolling shutters prices. Rolling shutters can cost $16-$40 per square foot. That’s expensive compared to….

How is aluminum panel cladding used?

Aluminum panel or more correctly aluminum composite panel or aluminum composite material are phrases describing flat panels made of aluminum that are used as cladding for building exteriors. Aluminum sheets have a non-aluminum core, often an insulating material, between them and this composite forms the panel. Such panels come in different sizes with varying insulation….

Looking for Hurricane Shutters – Colonial Shutters can do the Job

If you’re looking for hurricane shutters that not only offer great protection but also add to the architectural beauty of your property then go for colonial shutters; along with Bahama shutters these shutters look good – the only two that actually increase the aesthetic appeal. You cannot say the same about accordion or any other….

Tucson Rolling Shutters

Tucson rolling shutters are known all over America for their craftsmanship and durability. Rolling shutters are for many the best shutter type because of the advantages that they offer. Not only are these shutters excellent hurricane-grade protection for your residential and commercial property, they also protect property from theft. Moreover, in places where the cold….

Get the ultimate hurricane protection with fiberglass Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters have long attracted residents of coastal United States for a long time, mainly because they offer the best combination of aesthetic appeal and beauty. These are basically window shutters, call it a drawback if you will but most people have no issues with shuttering their windows with Bahama shutters and using another shutter….

What are the unique advantages of security roll-down shutters?

In terms of versatility, roll-down shutters beat all other shutter- types hands down. Why, you can even call them roll-up shutters. Which other shutter type gives you the advantage of two names to begin with? These shutters have been finding favor in continental Europe for a long time. Their history of application in the U.S….

Get the appropriate window shutters security

Window shutters are something that you don’t install everyday. Both residential and commercial properties are increasingly opting for window shutters for three reasons. One is to protect their homes from the elements. Yes, shutters don’t just protect your property from hurricane winds and debris they also offer year-round protection from the sun and wind that….

Roll-down hurricane shutters – Price factors to consider

If we do a price comparison of roll-down hurricane shutters with other shutter types we will see that these shutters command a higher price but it is for very good reason that these shutters are expensive. Let us try and understand why these shutters command the price they do and the features that they bring….

What are the parts that make up hurricane shutters?

There are a few components common to all hurricane shutters; if you are planning to install these shutters then it would pay to know about them. It becomes necessary to know about the parts that make up hurricane shutters if you plan to install them as a DIY project. Almost all shutter types lend themselves….

Aluminum hurricane shutters – resilient and versatile

Aluminum is by far the most popular material used in the manufacture of hurricane shutters and with good reason. It is lightweight, durable, can be recycled, inexpensive, and can take different shapes. Moreover, hollow aluminum slats filled with insulation material help bring down your heating expenses. Wood rots and steel can rust but aluminum is….