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Due Diligence When Installing Hurricane Shutters

Almost any type of hurricane shutter can be installed at home by yourself in a DIY exercise. Unless of course, the opening is a little dangerous to reach, like a second floor window, where the shutters have to be installed from the outside. The easiest types of shutters that you can install are plywood boards….

Need Protection from Hurricane – Bahama Shutters to the Rescue

Bahama shutters are fixed shutters that are easy to install; the entire one-piece installation can be done in as less as half an hour for a house and at the very maximum it will cost you $30 per square foot plus labor charges. Note, this is at the high end of the Bahama shutter price….

Have Your Considered Fabric Hurricane Shutters?

This may come as a surprise to most readers, but yes fabric can be used for hurricane protection. A little thought can tell us that canvas reinforced with material to prevent it from tearing will make for great protection. Today, it is possible to create hurricane panels and shutters made from lightweight fabric coated with….

Vinyl Bahama Shutters – Looks and Strength

Bahama shutters defined the architectural landscape of the Florida of the 50s and 60s. They were elegant and actually added a lot to the appearance of a property; this is more than what you can say about accordion shutters. Wood has a charm of its own but wood also happens to be high maintenance, expensive,….

What are Hurricane Roll-Down Shutters

Hurricane roll-down shutters are a type of hurricane shutters that offer a good combination of advantages. Read on to find out. First, these are amongst the most popular shutter types; they have been so for decades in Europe and have gained popularity in the U.S over the past 40 years or so. If the construction….

Learn About the Cost of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters can vary in price. Factors that influence the cost of hurricane shutters include – Area covered – These shutters are sold on a rate / square feet basis and hence more area means more cost. Type of area – The installation costs will vary with the type of shutter technology and type of….

Hurricane Accordion Shutters for Your Property

Accordion shutters offer excellent security against hurricanes and are well-suited for curved and protruding surfaces. You can operate them from inside or outside the house. Width is usually not a restricting factor with these shutter types. They do not impinge on the exterior appearance, the tracks can be hidden and so can the shutters be….

Bahama Style Shutters for Your Home

Bahama style shutters have been favored by folk staying on the coast and also in tropical areas. Not only do these shutters help prevent hurricane winds from damaging your property but also prevent heat, dust, dirt from entering your premises. Earlier made from wood, these shutters are now made from fiberglass. The slats can be….

Hurricane Shutters Price Factors You Should Know

The price of hurricane shutters varies with the type of material used, technology, cost of installation, and the area you stay in. There is no doubt that hurricane shutters afford the best protection against storms. Here is quick look at hurricane shutter prices that are most likely to be charged for the different types of….

Do It Yourself Hurricane Shutters

A DIY project setting up hurricane shutters is a perfect weekend afternoon’s work for a guy and his mates; you achieve something worthwhile that protects your home and you can do it without breaking much sweat if you have followed the instructions and of course, if you have the tools for the job. You can….