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What Are the Advantages of Clear Storm Panels

The biggest advantage with clear storm panels is that you don’t feel boxed in; you can see what’s happening outside and the flow of heat is not hindered, this is useful in the winter months. Clear hurricane shutter panels are made from a number of materials. Choose a shutter that conforms to the storm and….

How to Buy Hurricane Shutters Panels

If you’re going to install hurricane shutters at home as a DIY project, you are going to need hurricane shutter panels for most types of shutters, for example roll-down shutters and Bahama shutters. The panels are made from a range of materials such as steel, aluminum, and polymers. Steel will be thinner than aluminum for….

Important Facts on Hurricane Shutters for Windows

Hurricane shutters for your windows are an important fact of life for those that live in a hurricane zone; in fact, these shutters can be the difference between total damage to property that includes homes and vehicle and sometimes even life on one hand and security from winds and wind-borne debris on the other hand…..

Security Roller Shutters Provide More Than Just Hurricane Protection

Security roller shutters repay their investment costs in a matter of months; they not only provide protection from hurricane winds and debris but also increase one level of security for your premises. Roller shutters are fixed shutters that are practically indiscernible when rolled up and are made of durable aluminum or polymers. You should inform….

Roll Up Security Shutters For You

Roll up shutters or for that matter roll down shutters are a sturdy shutter type that has several inherent advantages. Durable construction is one. These shutters can last for a very long time and if you are staying in a hurricane-prone area then these shutters are one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Roll….

Why You Need to Install Security Windows Shutters

Security windows shutters are an essential addition to homes that face the threat of hurricane winds and wind-born debris.These shutters are mainly of the roll-down type and can be installed from outside and inside. Slats in such shutters make viewing easy and enable ingress and egress of light as well as sunshine. This prevents dampness….

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Myers Fl

Fort Myers in Florida is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County. The city suffered damage from Hurricane Charley in 2004 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005. It’s an important residential and trade area vulnerable to hurricanes and every year during the season from July to September, there is a chance that a hurricane….

Roll-Down Security Shutters for Hurricane Protection

If you’re looking for hurricane protection then you cannot go wrong with roll-down shutters. These installations will protect both commercial and residential structures. Apart from protection from wind and rain damage these shutters also help you with sun control, energy savings, privacy and noise reduction. And very importantly, they serve as the first line of….

Ever Considered DIY Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters can be installed as a DIY project. If you’re the type that enjoys working with hands then this is a tailor-made project for you and you have a very good reason to do it. You are going to protect your life and property. The plus is that you will get a kick out….

Hurricane Shutters Prices – Factors that Affect Them

If you are planning to install hurricane shutters then you need to know the cost. The features of a particular type, area to be covered, installation procedure, and the area you stay in will determine the prices. Roll down shutters are amongst the most expensive with prices going up to $30/square foot but this is….