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Rolling Counter Shutters – Security and Protection

Rolling counter shutters are good protection for counters and related small openings such as ticket counters, ice-cream stands, traveling hot dog stands, café shops, etc. The shutters are usually made from extruded aluminum. They protect the store merchandize from thievery and also against the elements particularly it is a trailer truck selling stuff. By treating….

Hurricane Shutters – West Palm Beach Residents Need Them

Florida is a hurricane-prone area and West Palm Beach in this state is not impervious to the effects of hurricanes that occur during the season which begins in June. Hurricanes can damage your most precious and biggest investment – your home. It can be heartbreaking to come home after being evacuated because of a hurricane….

Hurricane Storm Shutters – All round protection

Hurricane storm shutters have to be versatile when it comes to storm protection. These shutters can be roll-down, accordion, Bahama, colonial, or aluminum storm panels. Your choice depends upon your requirement, structure type, budget, and whether you want a removable or fixed type of hurricane shutter. Roll shutters are convenient and can be centrally operated…..

Hurricane Shutters – New Orleans Residents Need Them

New Orleans lies in the hurricane zone and the fact was brought home most devastatingly by Katrina. Hurricane shutters are a necessity in New Orleans to protect life and property. A hurricane does not have to be a category five storm to cause intensive damage. If you are a resident of New Orleans then every….

Hurricane Shutters – Broward County Folks Should Install Them

For the good folk of Broward County, hurricanes are a fact of life, they may not get a biggie for years but you don’t need a big one for branches to break, electric cables to snap, and general disruption of life to occur due to rains. In order to prevent your house from getting damaged….

Hurricane Shutters South Florida

South Florida comes under the hurricane zone. If you are a resident of South Florida then right now you are in the midst of the hurricane season. And if you are the prudent sort then you have hurricane shutters installed. If not, then please do. A hurricane does not have to be one like Andrew….

Hurricane Shutters – Corpus Christi Residents Need Them

The towns of Corpus Christi, Galveston, Brownsville, and Houston in Texas are in the hurricane zone and need hurricane shutters for protection from storms. You have a wide range in choice available for hurricane shutters. You can choose from accordion, Bahama, colonial, roll-down, storm-panels, etc. Of course, the very basic plywood panel that is at….

Learn About Hurricane Shutters Texas

The Texas coast and surrounding areas experiences hurricanes just as Florida does and for that matter Louisiana. So, if you stay in Corpus Christi or any part of the Gulf Coast, then you need to have hurricane shutters installed. A hurricane like Andrew or Katrina does not occur every year, but even Category One hurricanes….

Learn About Rolladen Hurricane Shutters

Rolladen has been one of the leading sellers of hurricane shutters for more than 40 years. The company is based in Hallandale, with the office and factory in a 40,000 square foot premises. The credit for introducing roll shutters in the U.S goes to Rolladen, this was way back in 1968. These shutters had been….

Hurricane Shutters – Broward County Residents Need Them

Hurricane shutters are as much a need for Broward County residents as it is for other residents in the state of Florida. This particular county gets hit or brushed by a hurricane every two and half years. If you stay in these parts, then you need protection from hurricane winds and strong lashing rains that….