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Wind Damage From Hurricanes

Although damage from storm tides is the worst; fast winds originating in the sea contribute to almost all damage. They cause the water to pile up in the ocean and rush inwards as a huge wave. And on land they rush furiously with speeds of more than 100 mph. Their ability to devastate, cause damage,….

The Significance of a Generator in Your Florida Home

Florida natives have to face the threat of hurricanes every year during the season which as you may know is already on. One of the first infrastructural casualties of a hurricane is power. And without power, the human race is handicapped. We need light and power. It’s hard to imagine to be without light during….

Water Contamination – A Real Hurricane Hazard

Water contamination is a really serious health hazard that people living through a hurricane and its aftermath have to contend with. If bottled water runs out then you have to depend on cleaned tap water and here due diligence has to be maintained or you run the risk of serious water-borne disease. Use radio and….

Dora Becomes the Fourth Hurricane of the Season and a Mobile App for Hurricane News

The hurricane season seems to be progressing towards a wet and windy denouement. Dora is the name of the fourth hurricane of the season. It is taking shape in the Eastern Pacific and is centered approximately 240 miles south of the vacation town of Acapulco; this is moving west-northwest with windspeeds of 75 mph. In….

Hurricane Impact Windows

If you stay anywhere along the U.S coastline, then you are vulnerable to hurricanes and your homes should be protected against winds that can touch speeds of 110 miles per hour or greater. At present, the best bet for such protection is hurricane impact windows. These are better than plain hurricane windows and plywood protection…..

Hurricane Season on us. Some Facts

A few quick points that people who are relocating to places like Florida or the Louisiana coast. If you are moving from a place that has had a climate free from thunderstorms and hurricanes then you need to educate yourself on what to expect. Don’t get scared, that’s the first thing. Events like Katrina don’t….

Are You Staying in a Hurricane-Prone Area?

If you stay in parts of the U.S that are vulnerable to hurricanes, for example South Florida and Louisiana coast then you would be well aware of the kind of property damage a hurricane can inflict. Hurricanes can come year after year, and when the hurricane season arrives it is time to pray that a….

What Hurts More – Wind or Water? – Part Two

Continuing forward from the previous post; it may come as a surprise but according to research and survey conducted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, many people living in areas vulnerable to storm surges feel that they are at greater danger from winds and floods. Perhaps, this could be because….

What Hurts More – Wind or Water? – Part One

As the hurricane season approaches; it is time to understand a few basic things about hurricanes. The Atlantic Hurricane season begins to take shape in August / September and yet if one was to go by the word of hurricane shutter companies, business is slow? Why? Could it be because people have forgotten the damage….

Manalapan Impact Hurricane Windows

The city of Manalapan Florida is an exceptional place of rare beauty and wonderful quality of life. It is a quaint and tranquil community on the Eastern shore, and they have controlled development there to preserve the beauty of the natural wildlife and Florida land. But like any other place in Florida, no matter their….