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Protect Your Business from Vandalism and Theft with Custom-Designed Rolling Shutters

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


“I’ll never make that mistake again” a small business owner told her friend. “Did they steal anything?” her friend asked. “Thankfully, no. And no-one was there overnight, so nobody was hurt. But they sure made a mess of the place, we’re going to be cleaning up for days.” “Do you need any help?” her friend asked. “It’s OK – I’ve got someone coming out to replace the window glass, someone’s coming to fix the alarm wires, and I’m not leaving my windows unprotected anymore. It’s too big of a risk. I’m going to get security shutters for the store too.”


The small business owner didn’t have any window and door protection on her building, and – like many homeowners and commercial building owners – was the victim of a break-in. While break-ins do happen and vandalism does occur, there are a few things you can do to deal with these threats to your business, your staff, and your livelihood. You can secure your building with alarm systems. You can get security cameras. And you can take steps to prevent theft and vandalism to your property by installing and using roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Rolling Shutters in Bronze for Business Building


At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build roll-down security shutters for all types of commercial buildings. If you have a small business, restaurant, bar, retail store, warehouse, hotel, or other business that needs protection and vandalism, you order the best roll-down security shutters at Our roll-down shutters do more than protect homes and businesses against storms – they provide excellent anti-theft protection, overnight protection, and peace-of-mind for business and commercial property owners.


Roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. These rolling security shutters for businesses are designed to withstand impact and securely cover your windows, keeping them from breaking. If your building has glass doors or a large storefront window, you can use rolling shutters to protect them. If you want to protect your doors from graffiti and other property damage, you can cover them with our rolling security shutters for windows and doors. When you buy rolling shutters online from Empire Construction & Development Corp., you can quickly and conveniently cover your windows and doors as often as you need to.


Our roll-down security shutters are custom made to fit each window and door size in your order. Rolling security shutters from Empire Construction & Development are designed to add to the look and value of your building, as well as improving its security. Rolling security shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available in four roll-down shutter colors:






To find out the cost of ordering rolling shutters online, including tax and shipping, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 for question about measuring your windows for roll-down shutters and to hear about our special rolling shutter offers this month. Keep your business safe from theft and vandalism with roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Tornadoes and Tropical Winds Are No Match For These Roll-Down Shutters

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019


Mother Nature can turn on its heel with potentially deadly consequences during hurricane season – June through December. Other severe weather related occurrences such as tropical winds and tornadoes require homeowners and business owners the ability to react quickly. Hurricane Shutters Florida, headquartered in South Florida, has been providing Roll-down Hurricane Shutters throughout Florida and the Caribbean for years. As one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of hurricane shutters available on the market today, protecting your family, home or business is paramount to your safety during the ferocity of a hurricane, a tropical storm or even the unexpected tornado impacting your community.


Hurricane Shutters Florida is your one-stop destination for Roll-down Hurricane Shutters! Roll-down shutters are appealing to homeowners and businesses for two reasons – they offer an elegant design solution with minimal visual impact and provide maximum strength and insulation from sun, storm, heat, noise, vandalism, theft and weather extremes. Homeowners appreciate the ease of implementing and operating these shutters year-round as well as the effortlessness to prepare your home with a pending storm! The upgraded roll-down shutters with a fully synchronized electric motor drive allow for maintenance-free operation and should a storm or tornado move into your community at a moment’s notice, protecting your home or business is quickly executed.


Rolling Shutters in White


Hurricane Shutters Florida offers the lowest prices on the best quality hurricane protection and security shutters you can find online. Hurricane Shutters Florida produces Roll-down Hurricane Shutters that are constructed of the finest grade of aluminum for maximum impact resistance and durability and include many features:

*Custom Designed and Engineered to Each Opening

*Sleek European-Styling

*Significant Energy Savings

*Precise Metal Workmanship

*Offered in 40MM and 60MM Blade Heights

*Spans of up to 17′ with End-Retention 60mm

*Increases Privacy and Noise Reduction

*Manual or Motorized with Manual Over-ride

*Minimal Visual Impact to Your Home

*Available Colors: White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze


Hurricane Shutters Florida’s Roll-down Shutters have been engineered to meet the most rigorous wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. The rock-solid durability and easy set-up provides homeowners with year-round comfort and security knowing their roll-downs from Hurricane Shutters Florida are the highest-quality available in the industry.


Your bottom line should be peace of mind knowing that your home, business and family is protected again storms of all kinds, from hurricanes to tropical storms and tornadoes! Contact Hurricane Shutters Florida for a free quote today or use our convenient online quoting tool. We look forward to providing you with the storm protection and security Roll-down Hurricane Shutter needs!


Quality Roll-Down Security Shutters for Homes or Businesses

Friday, January 4th, 2019


Surveillance cameras, alarm systems, monitoring your house on your phone – there’s a lot you can do to protect your home or business while you’re away, but are you missing out on one great security feature? Security shutters may be just what you need to keep your property safe. You can upgrade your home’s security measures and safeguard your commercial building with quality roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Your home will be safe with the sturdy and reliable roll-down shutters made by Empire Construction & Development. These shutters are made of strong extruded aluminum, and are built to your specifications. Whether you want to cover one opening on your property, such as a storefront or a sliding door, or you want to protect all of your windows, our roll-down security shutters will do the job. And whether you want to protect your home or commercial building from break-ins and theft, storm damage, or other property damage, our rolling shutters are a great choice. We design and build roll-down security shutters to withstand impact, high wind speeds, and other extreme conditions.


Protecting your windows and doors will be easy when you install rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your building. Our roll-down security shutters are made to be used with a hand crank, a motor with a manual override option, or an upgraded Hertz motor with a remote-control feature. These shutters let you secure your home, hotel, restaurant, office, or other building whenever you need to. Rolling security shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be rolled up or down manually if you should lose power during a strong storm. Scroll down on our roll-down shutter product page to see how to install our rolling security shutters.


Rolling Shutters in Bronze of Business Building


And looks matter too when it comes to your shutters. Keeping your windows and doors safe from storms, theft, and more shouldn’t take anything away from the look of your home or commercial building. And when you order rolling shutters from, you can add to the safety and value of your property. Our attractive rolling shutters are available in four roll-down shutter colors:





At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-make shutters for our customers throughout the US, the Caribbean, and beyond. Take a look at what our customers have to say about using our quality shutters to protect against storms, theft, heat, noise, and more. For a free quote on the cost of roll-down security shutters, contact us with your window and door measurements. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our shutter experts about your security shutter needs. Buy roll-down security shutters online from Empire Construction & Development and keep your home or business safe from all kinds of threats.


Roll-Down Shutters for Home Safety, Window Security, and Burglar Resistance

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019


How safe is your home? Maybe you haven’t given the security of your home much thought, or – if you live in an area where crime has increased in recent years – maybe you have. When it comes to your home and your family’s safety, you can never be too careful. Securing your windows, glass doors, and other areas on your home that are vulnerable to break-ins with dependable roll-down shutters is an easy and sensible way to protect your home, night or day.


Security roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used on all types of homes and commercial buildings throughout the US. Our roll-down shutters are great for improving home safety, window security, and burglar resistance because they’re:

*Sturdy – Our rolling shutters are made of strong extruded aluminum and constructed with either 40MM or 60MM blade heights for optimal design and function. Aluminum roll-down shutters are built to withstand hurricane force conditions, high impact, and other extreme conditions.

*Custom-built – Roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development are built to fit each window and door you need to secure. When you provide us with your exterior window and door measurements, we will build the rolling shutter to fit each opening in your order. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our shutter experts about measuring your windows and doors for roll-down shutters.

*Easy to use – Our roll-down shutters will allow you to quickly and easily secure a door area, a room, or your entire home. When you order your roll-down shutters online from Empire Construction & Development, you can choose how you want to operate your new shutters: our rolling security shutters can be operated with a manual crank, a standard motor or an upgraded motor with a remote-control feature. When it’s time to lock up your business or restaurant for the night, or when you want to secure your windows at home, getting peace of mind can be as easy as the turn of a crank or the press of a button!


Rolling Shutters Half Down in Beige


Rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development are ideal shutters for home security, and can be used on most windows and doors. Rolling shutters can be built with a span of up to 17 feet. These shutters are housed in a custom-made box above each window or door opening and can be rolled down whenever needed. Our rolling shutters securely cover windows to protect against theft, increase privacy, reduce outdoor noise, and help control temperatures within your home or commercial building.


At Empire Construction & Development, we build shutters that can handle storms and much more. For a free price quote on security rolling shutters, contact us today. Don’t wait any longer to ensure the safety of your home, office or other building, order aluminum roll-down security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.