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Protect Your Windows and Doors with Quality Roll-Down Shutters

Monday, January 7th, 2019


If you live near the coast, you may need hurricane and tropical storm protection. If you live in the Midwest, tornadoes are a threat. If you live in the northeast, winter storms can cause trouble. If you live across from a golf course or ballfield, you may need to protect your windows from those stray balls and home runs. Whatever type of window and door protection you need, you can have it when you buy quality roll-down shutters for your home or other building.


Aren’t rolling shutters for hurricanes?

Roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development are a great hurricane protection product, but these shutters can also be used to protect against many threats, including other types of storms, flying projectiles, burglary, and vandalism. Our roll-down shutters are made of durable aluminum and are designed to enhance the security of any home or commercial building. Rolling shutters can also be used for privacy, and can block heat and sunlight from one or more of your rooms. Whether you want to protect your windows and doors from breaking during a storm, prevent robbery, block out nosy neighbors, or protect furniture and artwork from fading and other sun damage, rolling shutters are an excellent shutter choice.


What size rolling shutters do I need?

At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build rolling shutters to our customers’ specifications. When you give us the exterior measurements of your windows and doors, we will build the shutters to fit them. Roll-down shutters are housed in a box above each window or door opening when not in use, and are built to securely and completely cover each opening. Our rolling shutters can be built to span up to 17 feet. Whether you need to cover a few windows or many, and whether your windows are large or small, rolling shutters may be the right shutter choice for you. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our shutter experts about finding the best shutters for your windows and doors.


How much do roll-down shutters cost?

When you order affordable roll-down shutters online from Empire Construction & Development, the cost of your shutters will depend on how many shutters you purchase and the dimensions of your windows and doors. To get a free quote on the cost of the roll-down shutters you need, contact us today.


Rolling Shutters in White All Closed


At Empire Construction & Development, we help our customers keep their homes safe with quality shutters for windows and door protection. It’s easy to order rolling shutters for home security, storm protection, and more online at Call: 888-474-3555 to hear about our roll-down shutter deals this month. Don’t take a chance with leaving your windows and doors unguarded – protect them with quality roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


High-Quality Rolling Shutters in Morehead City, North Carolina

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018


Morehead City has many beautiful beaches in addition to other attractions, like the fishing, boating, and golfing that coastal North Carolina is famous for. Coastal rental properties are becoming increasingly popular in Morehead City. Locals, those visiting for the day, and longer-term vacationers come to Morehead City’s coastal attractions for fun and relaxation. But hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean may also make their way to Morehead City this year. Installing high-quality hurricane shutters on your property’s windows and doors can help protect your building against storm damage in coastal North Carolina.


At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-manufacture several types of affordable and reliable storm shutters for our customers in Kinston, North Carolina, including:

*Accordion Hurricane Shutters

*Bahama Hurricane Shutters

*Colonial Hurricane Shutters

*Roll-down Hurricane Shutters


Our roll-down hurricane shutters are popular storm protection shutters that can also be used as security shutters and privacy shutters. These shutters work to reduce the heat that enters your home, add shade, and can minimize outside noise too. Residential and commercial property owners can increase the value and security of their buildings — while adding great storm protection to their windows and doors — with rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Rolling Shutters Door & Window


Rolling hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are built of sturdy extruded aluminum with 40mm or 60mm blade heights. These shutters can be made to operate manually, with a motor, or with a remote-controlled motor. Whether you use the hand crank or the motor option on your rolling shutters in Morehead City, North Carolina, you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently secure your home whenever you need to.


What are the color options for rolling shutters?

When we custom-build your rolling shutters at Empire Construction & Development, you’ll be able to choose from four rolling shutter colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze. The sleek design of these shutters, along with four attractive color choices, will make your rolling shutters a valuable addition to your home or other building in North Carolina.


Are these rolling shutters hurricane-rated?

Yes. At Empire Construction & Development, our roll-down shutters and our other storm protection products are made for storm protection. Our high-quality rolling shutters adhere to the most stringent wind codes in the country, and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, impact from storm debris, and other hazardous conditions. Homes, rental properties, hotels, restaurants, stores, and other buildings in Morehead City can use rolling shutters for hurricane protection.


If you’re looking for rolling shutters in Morehead City, don’t settle for inferior shutters – get the best rolling storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development. To get a free price quote on the cost of rolling shutters in Morehead City, North Carolina, contact us today. Call: 888-4754-3555 to speak to a member of our storm protection team about ordering rolling shutters online, and to hear our hurricane shutter deals this month. Add to the safety of your home or commercial building in Morehead City, North Carolina when you buy roll-down hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.