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Best Selling Accordion Shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019


Installing accordion shutters on your home or business is an investment – and investment in both the security and value of your building. The right shutters can increase the safety and value of your home or commercial building, and they can even look good too. Protecting your windows and doors from threats can be easy if you find the best shutters in West Palm Beach.


For many homeowners and commercial building owners in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida, plywood is a thing of the past. When it comes to hurricane and tropical storm protection, there are now better options. When it comes to home security, plywood just isn’t practical. You can protect your residential or commercial building from storm damage, extreme weather damage, theft, and vandalism with the right shutters. Empire Construction & Development manufactures a variety of affordable, high-quality storm and security shutters, including:

*Roll-down Shutters

*Bahama Shutters

*Colonial Shutters

*Accordion Shutters


Our best-selling accordion shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida allow for safe and easy hurricane preparedness. These custom-made accordion shutters are great for protecting windows and doors against other seasonal storms too.


Accordion Shutters Half Close

Accordion Shutters Half Close


Storm preparation in West Palm Beach doesn’t have to be hard. If you don’t want to bother with long lines at the hardware store, dragging out old plywood, or you don’t want to deal with storm panels, don’t! Get shutters for your building. Best-selling accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are an affordable way to storm proof most any window and door with little effort.


These aluminum accordion shutters are permanently installed on each side of your windows, doors, patios, and other openings on your building you need to cover before a storm. Our accordion shutters are made to open and close easily by gliding along a built-in track. Securing your home, hotel, resort, restaurant or storefront before a storm in Palm Beach County will be easy.


Security for your home or business is important too. Theft, break-ins, and vandalism are concerns for many residents of West Palm Beach. While home security systems are a good idea, you can keep thieves from breaking your windows and glass doors by securing them with our strong accordion shutters. These best-selling accordion shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida can be used as often as needed, and are made with a keyed locking device. Protecting your restaurant, retail store, office building or warehouse overnight with our accordion security shutters will give you peace of mind. Protecting your home when out of town will be hassle-free with our accordion shutters.


At, you can find the most popular accordion shutters for homes and commercial buildings in West Palm Beach. Contact us today for a free quote on the price of accordion shutters for your home or other building. Secure your home or business against threats with the best-selling accordion shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida made by Empire Construction & Development.


Get Your Home or Business Hurricane-Ready in Crestview, Florida

Friday, October 26th, 2018

From the “the icebox of Florida” to “Hub City”, Crestview is one of Florida’s fastest growing cities, with residential developments, shopping, and land area to grow. After Hurricane Michael, a devastating category 4 storm hit the area, the need to prepare your home or business from any future hurricanes has never been more evident.


Hurricanes are unpredictable, but if you prepare now, you will be ready to face the next storm! One of the best ways to protect your property, from the extreme weather conditions that can occur in this region, is to invest in Empire Construction & Development’s Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters! These sturdy and affordable shutters remain one of the best options for optimal home security and storm protection. Empire Construction & Development wants what’s best for its customers and will provide very affordable deals plus  guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction! All because they care about protecting you, your home, and your business!



Roll-Down Hurricane Shutter Systems come with a manual crank or you could upgrade to a fully synchronized electric design for maintenance-free operation! Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters provide elegant designs that are constructed with the finest grade of aluminum for incredible durability and impact resistance!


Below are some of the other features of Roll-Down Storm Shutters:


*Increases privacy and noise reduction

*Excellent security and storm protection

*Protection for furniture and artwork from sun exposure

*Precise metal workmanship

*Spans of up to 17’ with end-retention 60mm

*40mm and 60mm blade heights

*Many colors to choose from

*Advanced technology, and so much more!


Hurricane season comes around every year in Florida, but knowing your home is prepared for whatever storms come your way, can give you some peace of mind. Don’t wait until a storm is brewing in the tropics to think about storm shutters. Call today and order quality protection for your home and business.  And don’t settle for anything other than the best! Empire Construction & Development is the best all around source when it comes to dependability, security, protection, quality materials, and customer satisfaction!


Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters are a great choice for many home and business owners in Crestview, Florida. Many of our customers rely on our roll downs as a convenient, durable and affordable option when it comes to storm protection products.


Protect your business or home in Crestview, Florida! Call Today: 954-474-3557 or 1-888-474-3555 for a FREE quote in your area or try out their online estimation tool to get a price quote. Once you see all that Empire Construction & Development can provide for your safety needs, you will know why people in Crestview, FL recommend Empire Construction & Development for their security and protection. You will not only love the results, you will be protected and safe with custom Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters manufactured and shipped to you by Empire Construction & Development!

Exterior Bahama shutters for your homes

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Exterior Bahama shutters stand out from other shutters because they are perhaps the only type that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of a construction. Instead, they often add to it.

These shutters are often called Bermuda shutters. Traditional Bahama shutters are made of wood and therein lies their appeal. Wood has its own texture and elegance that cannot be quite matched by synthetic materials such as aluminum and extruded polymers. However, wood is not without its drawbacks. It can chip and rot; it is attacked by insects and may not be able to withstand hurricane force winds unless it is reinforced.

The basic construction of bahama shutters can explained as slats on side supports and the piece is hinged at the top. For a wide window, the bahama shutter may have a stile running through the center for extra support. The slats can be movable or rigid. The shutters can open by means of an arm, often a telescopic arm that can extend ninety degrees. Check if the installer is able to install them such that they can be worked from the inside. Exterior bahama shutters will protect your property from heat, wind, sun damage and also from particulate matter entering crevices and corners.

Aluminum exterior shutters are resilient and not given to any of the drawbacks associated with wood bahama shutters. Bahama shutters cannot be placed on doors but wherever they can be placed they function as multifaceted protectors against the elements. You can have them installed fully assembled or install them as a DIY job. These shutters can be retrofitted quite easily.

You will have to ensure that the shutters confirm with the state and regional building codes. Alternatives to bahama shutters that are similar in construction and only a little different in installation include louver shutters, raised panel, B n B, etc. Woods used can be pine, cedar, or hardwoods depending upon the area and region. Now-a-days, along with aluminum and PVC you can also get fiberglass bahama shutters.

Compare products on product and paint warranty, some companies offer a lifetime warranty on the product and up to 15 years on the paint.

Why Climate Change Can Endanger Your Home

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
A hot button issue affecting our world from the halls of Congress to the kitchen tables in our homes is climate change. Natural disasters have increased in recent years casing havoc in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Chile have alerted us to the reality that the planet Earth is undergoing intense changes all the time.  Greenhouse gases and continental shifts have caused changes in the planet’s temperature and overall climate across the globe. These changes can be linked to in an increasing amount of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms.
Natural disasters have increased in recent years casing havoc in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Chile have alerted us to the reality that the planet Earth is undergoing intense changes all the time.  Greenhouse gases and continental shifts have caused changes in the planet’s temperature and overall climate across the globe. These changes can be linked to in an increasing amount of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms.
It was only five years ago when Hurricane Katrina headlined a storm season that included a record 28 named tropical storms, 15 hurricanes including 7 major hurricanes. The 2005 Hurricane Season lashed the Gulf of Mexico Coast and nearly destroyed the City of New Orleans. Some meteorologists believe that storm seasons of this magnitude will become more of the norm rather than an aberration and in addition, storms will become more powerful and dangerous in nature due to the effects of climate change.
Most people can only participate in peripheral gestures to help control and reverse the effects of climate change. Recycling, conserving energy and using alternate transit are ways the everyday citizen of the world can help allay the changes caused by an excess of greenhouse, but only a commitment by the world leaders to make a real change in our behavior will ultimately reverse the effects of climate change. In the meantime, it is important for residents of tropical and low lying areas to understand the dangers that come with the approaching hurricane season and become familiar with ways of keeping their family safe and prevent damage to their homes.
Hurricanes bring torrents of rain and winds anywhere from 60-150 miles per hour. Homeowners need to be aware of their susceptibility to flooding. If you live in an area that is where flooding is a danger, you should take to higher ground. To prevent damage to windows and glass doors, homeowners should protect these areas by boarding or shuttering their homes.
There are several ways of protecting the vulnerable points of your home using hurricane shutter systems.  Shutters are an effective way to keep your home safe from flying projectiles. Hurricane force winds can cause ordinary everyday items to become missiles, breaking through windows and glass doors leaving dangerous areas of broken glass and increased water damage to the interior of your home.  There are several styles that offer form and function in protecting your property.
Climate change is real and needs to be taken seriously. The safety and security of your home and contents is also to be taken seriously. Shuttering your home is the best defense to the unknown.

How Rolling Security Shutters will Secure Your House

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
  • Protect against storms
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Reduce Sun Damage
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Reduce theft
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Potentially reduce the cost of your home insurance
  • Pay for themselves through more efficient heating and cooling
  • Maximum impact resistance and extreme durability
Rolling security shutters provide an attractive, sophisticated appearance. You no longer need to have that clunky “boarded up” look to your home when you install custom designed security shutters, because the sleek, European-type design is stylish and elegant.
Secure your home from the gale force winds of hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. No need to worry about trees or flying objects smashing through your windows; your rolling security shutters will protect them from damage and keep the members of your family and your home safe.
Keep a more comfortable home by reducing noise pollution, and keeping sun damage inside your home to a minimum. How many times have you been woken on a weekend morning by noise? How many times have you grumbled and put a pillow over your head to keep out the sound of loud motorcycles, construction, or other too-loud noises? With rolling security shutters, this is a thing of the past. Closed rolling security shutters keep the audible noise outside your house to a very minimum, and you’ll be able to sleep in  without being woken up by intrusive noises. Also, closed security shutters keep out the relentless rays of the  tropical sun, and precious artwork and cherished furnishings will be protected from the sun’s damaging effects.
Protect yourself against theft and break-ins.  Raise the value of your house, and potentially reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. In addition, rolling security shutters pay for themselves over time through more efficient heating and cooling of your home.
Rolling security shutters provide maximum impact resistance and extreme durability. Custom designed and fitted security shutters provide insulation from sun, storms, heat, noise, and other extremes. You can’t go wrong with rolling security shutters, and the smart homeowner will want to protect their home, family, and investment by buying rolling security shutters today.