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Wakulla Residents: Protect Your Home with The Best Storm Panels

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

The danger of tropical storms can put great pressure on families to secure their homes and businesses before a disaster strike. Wakulla County, Florida Residents especially can understand the first-hand effects that Hurricane Michael caused on their community earlier in October 2018. With more storms bound to hit the panhandle of Florida, Wakulla County residents need to make sure their properties are protected against the physical damages that these storms cause.


Ordering Storm Panel Hurricane shutters sooner rather than later can protect not only your loved ones, property and belongings but also your peace of mind. Our storm panels and other storm protection products offer many safety features and are manufactured to provide the maximum protection during the storm season. We provide custom designed Storm Panels that offer 25% more strength than a flat panel through the use of our unique 2″ rise design. Our Storm Panels are extremely durable, and we have many different options of Storm Panels available for our customers. Stock size panels come in a variety of lengths ranging from 33″ – 104″.


Our Storm Panels have been constructed to provide an aesthetically pleasing design, as well as provide functionality whether on or off a building. Storm Panels are designed to blend in with the building, with different options available to match the architectural style of the building. Our panels are available in aluminum and clear polycarbonate panels, and with a white or bronze finish for the tracks. Storm Panels can easily be removed and then reinstalled when needed. When not in use, they can be conveniently stored on top of each other in a garage or other storage area.


Storm shutters are easy to install and incorporate a reinforced track system with self-aligning overlapping panels that make this an easy DIY project that. Installing Storm Panels make protecting your belongings and family members easy and can be installed in an hour. Panels may be installed horizontally or vertically, and our website provides many installation videos to guide you throughout the process. If you would rather have professional installation, our factory direct storm products can be shipped to your contractor or any preferred address in Wakulla County and other areas throughout the state of Florida.


Storm Panels are extremely efficient to use and are very cost-effective. The average production time for a set of Storm Panels is approximately only 10-14 days. Additionally, we offer free estimates and special monthly offers on different products. Our Storm Panels also come with a five-year warranty as a way for us to guarantee our products protection over your home or business.


Protect your property and belongings now before the next storm strikes the Wakulla County area! To order your Storm Panels online, you can click here. If you would rather speak to a representative to learn more information or receive your free quote, you can call our headquarters at (954) 474-3557.

What are the unique advantages of security roll-down shutters?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

In terms of versatility, roll-down shutters beat all other shutter- types hands down. Why, you can even call them roll-up shutters. Which other shutter type gives you the advantage of two names to begin with? These shutters have been finding favor in continental Europe for a long time. Their history of application in the U.S can be traced over the past seventy to eighty years. As evident from the name, these shutters perform valuable functions from the security point of view apart from providing excellent hurricane protection. This is the reason why you can find them in use all over America, not just in the coastal states like Louisiana, the Carolinas, and Florida.

Security roll-down shutters can be used in residential and commercial establishments. Rolling shutters are usually made from extruded aluminum. These are meant to be installed at the time of construction; this means this is not an ideal shutter type for retrofitting. If you opt to retrofit, you may have to make certain changes to the exteriors around the opening you wish to cover with roll-down shutters. Check the details with the installer to see if retrofitting is worth the effort and expenses, yes expenses!

Now let us do a quick summarization of the unique features that security roll-down shutters afford us –

• As mentioned above, security comes as a given with these shutters. So not just during normal times but even during times of hurricanes, these shutters provide security from vandals. And in doing so they help bring down insurance costs.

• You can operate these shutters from inside and outside which is a big plus for homes that are large or openings that are inaccessible.

• These shutters can be centrally operated, again a big plus if you are staying in a large house or if the occupants are invalided for some reason.
• These shutters are out of sight when not in use and when needed they can be brought down swiftly.
• Roll-down shutters offer energy savings by bringing down heating costs on account of their thermal insulation properties.

Safety, Security and Sanity with Hurricane Storm Shutters

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
We’ve all seen the photos, newsflashes and special reports. When a Hurricane is bearing down on a city or town’s coastline residents scramble to board up their windows and glass doors to protect from winds that can vary between 60-150 miles per hour. Large debris from garbage cans, tree limbs any other manner of debris can cause serious damage to property.
Since the advent of hurricane shutters, homeowners and property owners alike have been given a proactive in protecting their investment. Shutters are relatively low-cost, easy to install and even an aesthetically appealing way of protecting one’s property from the dangers of a tropical storm. But shutters can also offer another type of protection. Security.
It is natural to be concerned over the security of one’s family and worldly possessions. With population growth, tough economic times and technology outpacing itself, the security of one’s home and possessions is becoming amore and more of an issue.  Families shouldn’t be afraid of leaving the home behind when they attempt to enjoy traveling or vacation. One shouldn’t have to worry about such things, but the reality is, the threat is real.
Burglars prey on homes left empty by vacationing families and traveling homeowners. Beyond just simple possessions that can be sold for profit, a craftier thief is finding more interesting ways of stealing from you. Bills, invoices, tax returns and other financial information can be poured through and used to steal an individual identity by even the most common criminal. This information can be bought and sold leaving the homeowner the victim.
Business owners deal with a greater threat. Leaving stores or offices after business hours can leave them susceptible to theft every single night. Profit loss can be doubled with the need to repair damage or loss of product. Paperwork can also be compromised as well.
Windows and glass doors are the easiest point of entry to any home or business. They also offer a peak into the lives of homeowners and business owners, allowing potential thieves to pick and choose their targets.
Shutter installation can protect your home or business from criminal attack when left empty over a span of time due to traveling or simply closing up shop at night. Shuttering your home or business adds security along with the basic weather protection it offers.
Hurricane shutters aren’t just tailored made for protecting your home from weather damage they can offer protection from security dangers as well making it a cost effective investment for any home or business. A sound investment for some peace of mind,

How Rolling Security Shutters Buy Peace of Mind for Business Owners

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Rolling security shutters are true security for your business. Secure your closed business with rolling security shutters, providing your store’s doors and windows with maximum impact resistance.  Rolling security shutters are perfect for covering large areas for security reasons, or covering windows to completely eliminate smash and grabs. They are a definite plus for a business owner, and is an excellent break-in deterrent.  Control the shrink in your business with rolling security shutters. Get the protection you need with attractive, durable rolling security shutters. Custom design and sleek styling accent any business or installation.
Some immediate benefits of rolling security shutters for business owners:
  • Control shrink
  • Eliminate smash and grabs
  • Break-in deterrent
  • Theft reduction
Rolling security shutters have other benefits for business owners, some of them immediate, and some of them long-term. You can’t go wrong with rolling security shutters if you own a business. They are a great investment into the value of your business and can automatically increase it. The extreme durability of rolling security shutters make them a truly great buy, as they last for years. They’re a great protection against storms, and flying objects thrown around by high winds. Rolling security shutters can reduce noise pollution, making your store a calm, quiet place to shop. Rolling security shutters also reduce sun damage to your business and the stock you carry, providing you with valuable sun protection for your items. They can even increase the value of your business, and potentially reduce the insurance fees you pay for your business. Also, rolling security shutters can reduce your cooling and heating costs, which is a prime benefit for business owners and that can increase the value of your business as well.
More benefits of rolling security shutters for business owners:
  • Maximum impact resistance and extreme durability
  • Protection against storms
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Reduction of sun Damage
  • Increased  value of your business
  • Potential reduction of business insurance fees
  • More efficient cooling and heating

Rolling security shutters are a perfect way to both enhance the value of your business and protect your investment. Buy custom designed and fitted rolling security shutters and know you’ve made a quality investment that will help you grow and enhance your business.

How Rolling Security Shutters will Secure Your House

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
  • Protect against storms
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Reduce Sun Damage
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Reduce theft
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Potentially reduce the cost of your home insurance
  • Pay for themselves through more efficient heating and cooling
  • Maximum impact resistance and extreme durability
Rolling security shutters provide an attractive, sophisticated appearance. You no longer need to have that clunky “boarded up” look to your home when you install custom designed security shutters, because the sleek, European-type design is stylish and elegant.
Secure your home from the gale force winds of hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. No need to worry about trees or flying objects smashing through your windows; your rolling security shutters will protect them from damage and keep the members of your family and your home safe.
Keep a more comfortable home by reducing noise pollution, and keeping sun damage inside your home to a minimum. How many times have you been woken on a weekend morning by noise? How many times have you grumbled and put a pillow over your head to keep out the sound of loud motorcycles, construction, or other too-loud noises? With rolling security shutters, this is a thing of the past. Closed rolling security shutters keep the audible noise outside your house to a very minimum, and you’ll be able to sleep in  without being woken up by intrusive noises. Also, closed security shutters keep out the relentless rays of the  tropical sun, and precious artwork and cherished furnishings will be protected from the sun’s damaging effects.
Protect yourself against theft and break-ins.  Raise the value of your house, and potentially reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. In addition, rolling security shutters pay for themselves over time through more efficient heating and cooling of your home.
Rolling security shutters provide maximum impact resistance and extreme durability. Custom designed and fitted security shutters provide insulation from sun, storms, heat, noise, and other extremes. You can’t go wrong with rolling security shutters, and the smart homeowner will want to protect their home, family, and investment by buying rolling security shutters today.