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Hurricane Shutters in Perdido Beach, Alabama

Perdido Beach is located on the northern shore of Perdido Bay, in Baldwin County, Alabama, and just recently became a town on June 10 of 2009. The fantastic growth in Baldwin County in recent years spurred this action; several coastal cities had been looking at incorporating Perdido Beach into their townships, and the local beach property owners and Residents Association began the process of making their area an actual town.

Perdido Beach and Baldwin County are located in the humid subtropical climate zone, and winter temperatures are mild, while summer temperatures average in the nineties. Like any city on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Perdido Beach (on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico) is especially vulnerable to hurricanes.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan made landfall as a category 3 hurricane, causing extensive damage to the barrier islands and coastal areas of Alabama. Before Hurricane Ivan, the town of Perdido Beach was a beautiful area, with sand dunes, beautiful homes, and many, many tourists. Two days after the storm made shore with its 130 mph winds and 20-foot waves, Perdido Key was a barren landscape. The dunes were gone, along with dozens of homes. Houses along the water were battered, collapsed, or even blown away.

If you live in the Perdido Beach area, one of the things that you can do to protect your home is to install permanent hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters have been proven over and over again to protect your home from the wrath of hurricanes.

Hurricane shutters provide:

    Protection from high winds, even in excess of 140 miles per hour. Shuttered windows are much less likely to break than uncovered windows.
    Protection from pressure changes that occur during hurricanes. The rapid pressure changes that happen during a hurricane or tropical storm can rip off your roof, or even tear down entire walls. Uncovered windows and doors can break during the storm and cause these rapid pressure changes.
    Protection from flying debris. Hurricane shutters are impact missile tested, and this keeps debris thrown by high winds from breaking your windows and doors.
    Protection from water damage. Storm shuttered windows keep the driving rain of hurricanes and even reduce storm surge invasion of your home, and consequently help prevent the damage that water in your home can do.

If you live in Perdido Beach or the outlying areas, your home and family is vulnerable to hurricanes. There’s nothing you can do about the weather, but you can prepare for the storm and protect your home by fitting it with hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters are the best thing that you can do to help your family and home survive and recover from the tropical storms and hurricanes that are always going to harass the area.