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New England Storm Shutters

New England has a lot of coastal area, and that makes it vulnerable to storms. The New England coast is often hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. Flooding is common from both storm surge and inland rivers, and wind damage can be considerable. There are ways, however, to protect your home and property. Good preparation is key, and with a little work you can greatly increase the likelihood of safety for your home and family.

You should have a written plan and everyone in your family should be familiar with it. Find out if your home lies in an evacuation area, or if your property is vulnerable to storm surge, flooding, or wind damage.

At the beginning of hurricane season, check the hurricane and disaster supplies in your kit. You should replace the batteries in this kit periodically, and rotate out the food as well. You don’t want dead batteries and spoiled food when it’s critical to have these supplies.

Monitor the hurricanes forming in the tropics, either online or through a weather channel.

Monitor NOAA Weather Radio on a regular basis, and definitely turn it on when a storm threatens. It’s the official source for real-time weather information and warnings. Listen to local broadcasts when a storm is imminent, as well.

Fit your home with some kind of storm shutters. They are a major part of a home protection plan.

If you live in coastal New England, your insurance and wind deductibles will most likely be reduced by installing storm shutters. You should check with your insurance agent to find out what savings are available. Hurricane shutters are a barrier against the elements, and protect you from wind damage, pressure changes, and debris flung by the high winds. Also, they provide protection against the tornadoes that often come in the outer bands of hurricanes. Hurricane shutters can save you money on your energy bill in the summer, as well. In the closed position, they darken your home and help prevent air leaks, keeping your home cooler and cutting down on your air conditioning use.

Whether what’s coming is a hurricane, a tropical storm, a noreaster, or you just want to install them to protect your place of business, storm shutters are a necessity in New England. Storm and hurricane shutters and panels can save you money, protect your home, and give you the peace of mind that you need when you know a storm is coming. Storm shutters are a smart investment, and you should install them today.