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Hurricane Shutters Are Necessary Protection In Toms River New Jersey

Toms River is a coastal city in New Jersey. The city has miles of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s a popular summer vacation destination. But there’s a downside to all those pristine beaches and access to the ocean; the area is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms during hurricane season. June to November, residents know that they’re likely to be brushed or hit by a major storm. The only question is how big a storm is it going to be?

During hurricanes, walls can be torn from concrete buildings and flung into the air at high speed, raining down destruction wherever they land; large trees are ripped from the earth, and monster waves and storm surge crash to shore. The power of a hurricane is both amazing and terrifying.
Hurricanes spawn tornadoes, too. Up to three days after a storm has passed, tornadoes are more likely to occur and should be watched for. Floods and flash floods are generated by the driving and abundant rains that come with hurricanes. Even more dangerous is the storm surge, which is a surge of ocean water that comes ashore. Storm surge have been recorded more than 30 feet high and 100 miles wide. This can ravage the area when it comes ashore, and it comes fast. A hurricane can stretch the entire length of the eastern seaboard. The high winds can extend inland for hundreds and hundreds of miles.
So what can Toms River residents do to prepare for these storms?
According to the Hurricane Preparedness Guide put out by the state of New Jersey every year, one of the best things that you can do to protect your home is to install hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters should cover every window, glass door, and French door, and permanent hurricane shutters are best. They provide more protection, and meet standards that temporary shutters never can. Hurricane shutters are wind-rated to protect against even 150 mph winds, and are missile impact tested to withstand the debris thrown at high speed by the storm.
Windows with shutters keep out more rain than temporary shutters, and reduce the dangerous pressure changes that can occur inside your home during a storm: Imagine that you are in the middle of a hurricane, and your windows break. Hurricanes exert high pressure, and the sudden pressure change inside your house can rip off an entire wall, or even tear your roof off. Not something that you want to deal with in the middle of a storm.
Hurricane shutters are the best bet for your home if you live in the Toms River area, or any area that is likely to receive a hurricane strike. Hurricanes are dangerous natural events, and not something to take lightly. Protect your home and your family today by installing hurricane shutters.