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Hurricane Shutters will Protect Your Westhampton, New York

Westhampton is a city on Long Island, New York. It’s a coastal area, and is well known for its fine beaches. It’s a humid subtropical climate, and because of its location, is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms during the hurricane season. Most people think that because the area has not been hit by storms in recent years, they are safe and do not have to prepare, but this is far from the truth.
The total cost of the last major hurricane to hit directly on Westhampton, in terms of lives lost or disrupted, homes destroyed or damaged, and economic impact was staggering. To summarize the total damage incurred on Long Island, New York:
Total estimated damage from the Hurricane:
700 deaths, 708 injured
4,500 homes, cottages, farms destroyed; 15,000 damaged
26,000 vehicles destroyed
20,000 miles of downed electrical power and telephone lines
1,700 livestock dead, and approximately 750,000 chickens killed
$2,610,000 fishing boats, equipment, docks, and shore plants damaged or destroyed
Crops destroyed had an estimated cost of $2 million
More than 50 lives were lost on Long Island that day – 29 of them in Westhampton. The total cost of the storm for Long Island was estimated to be $6.2 million, in that year’s prices. Total cost of the storm throughout the northeast would place the 1938 Hurricane in the top ten of costliest storms of all time
Westhampton was impacted the most of all the Long Island communities. And it will be hit hard when the next major storm has a direct strike on the island, as well. If you have a Westhampton home, you are being advised to prepare your home for the storm, and one of the best protections during a storm is to install hurricane shutters.
Hurricane shutters:
Are missile impact tested to withstand the debris thrown at high speed during the storm.
Are tested to withstand high winds, up to and over 150 miles per hour.
Protect you against the pressure changes that occur during the storm. When your windows or doors are broken, the sudden pressure changes can do terrible damage. Hurricane shutters keep you safe from sudden pressure changes.
Protect you from tornadoes that come with hurricanes and tropical storms. Shutters are one of the best protection against these devastating storm remnants.
Can be closed in a matter of minutes when a storm is coming. Permanent hurricane shutters can be closed all around your home in a matter of minutes, closing off your home and making sure that you’re as safe as possible.