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Rolling Hurricane Shutters in Montauk, Long Island, New York

Montauk is an unicorporated community in Long Island, New York, and is part of East Hampton. It is a major tourist destination and has six state parks. It is very famous for its fishing (claiming to have more world saltwater fishing records than any other port in the world) and surfing. There are great beaches, and one of the oldest lighthouses in the United States to be found there, and because Montauk is a coastal community, it falls prey to hurricane season, just like any other city right on the coast.

The area hasn’t suffered a direct hit by a hurricane since 1938, but that isn’t a reason for celebration. What that means is that the odds of Montauk being hit by a hurricane are going up, and meteorologists have predicted that the odds of Montauk and Long Island suffering a direct hit soon is almost 100%. What does this mean for homeowners who live in the Montauk area?

It means that they would be well-advised to make their home hurricane-ready. Preparedness is the key to surviving a hurricane, and preventing or reducing damage to your home. One of the best ways to prepare your home for a tropical storm or hurricane is to install hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters have been proven over and over to protect your home, and if you’re looking for top-of-the-line, rolling shutters are the way to go.

Rolling Hurricane Shutters have the following benefits:

Ease of use – With one touch of a button, rolling shutters go up or down, smoothly and silently. They also have a manual option in case of power outages. In seconds, your windows and doors are covered and protected from the ravages of the storm. No struggling to close shutters in the pouring rain or high winds with their one-touch ease of use.

Unobtrusive and sleek styling – unlike other bulky shutters, rolling shutters roll up into their own housing at the top of the window. When up, you can’t even tell that they are there. Also come in many colors, to match your home completely.

Will fit any size or shape window or door – these can be custom-fit to any size or shape, so you’re covered, even if you have an odd sized or shaped window.

Provide light protection – rolling shutters can be opened partway to dim the lighting in your house and protect your furnishings from damaging light.

There are many reasons to install roll-down shutters on your Montauk home, and we’ve listed just a few of them here. Hurricane shutters are a necessity for island life, and rolling shutters are the best quality and the best value. Smart Montauk homeowners are installing them on their homes today.