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Why should you install hurricane impact windows in your south Florida home?

First rate protection:

Initially, the cost of regular windows with standard shutters might be less than the cost of hurricane impact windows, but that cost doesn’t take into consideration the ease of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected and that you never need to put up or take down hurricane shutters again. In an active hurricane season, as a Florida resident you know that you can have several instances of close tropical storms or hurricanes. It is not unusual to have three or four just in the month of August. Knowing you don’t have to rush around and put up shutters and take them down again after the storm is over, and knowing that your home is still protected is worth a great deal. And the price comparison, over time, can change: Hurricane shutters, being exposed to the wind and elements, need upkeep. Hurricane impact windows do not, and the cost of roll-up shutters when combined with regular non-impact resistant windows often tops their cost.

They are convenient:

You don’t have to go running home if a storm is coming when you install hurricane impact windows. Storms come up suddenly, and your home is protected no matter what the weather throws at it, whether you are there or not. No more rushing home or calling someone to take care of your home while you are gone in order to make sure that your home is safe. Hurricane impact windows are there, in place, protecting your home.

They protect you against home invasion:

You can protect yourself and your family against burglaries and home invasions with impact resistant windows. Hurricane impact windows have a layer between two layers of laminated glass, making entrance through the window virtually impossible. Even when the window is broken (and that is very hard to do!), entrance into the home through the window is extremely unlikely. The special lamination, just like the windshield on your car, is specially designed to keep the glass in the frame. No one is going through that window or door, because there is no place to enter it, even when broken.

You’ll get a reduction on your insurance premiums:

If you install impact resistant windows or your home, most insurance companies recognize that your home is safer, and a reduction in your premiums will follow. You could receive up to a 50% reduction in your monthly premiums, and you should check with your insurance provider to see what your reduction will be.

Reduce heating and cooling costs:

The heavy-duty aluminum framing, along with the double layer of laminated glass, makes your hurricane impact windows and doors very, very energy efficient. The money you save right there can make up the difference between the cost of hurricane impact windows and standard windows, in just a few short months.

Light and Noise Protection:

The specially laminated glass blocks ultraviolet light from your home and protects your belongings from fading. 99% of UV is prevented from entering your home. You’ll get the light into your home, but it won’t be damaging, as sunlight through regular or standard windows is. And installing impact-resistant windows cuts down on outside noise dramatically; the double paning and special lamination keep out loud outside noises and make your home a more peaceful, quiet place.