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Go Green in Boynton Beach with Impact Hurricane Windows

In 2008, the City of Boynton Beach adopted a resolution to establish a Green Task Force to improve and sustain the environmental needs of the city. They wanted to reduce energy use, conserve water, keep down waste, and make their city sustainable and environmentally friendly. They realized that environmentally sound practices will save the city money, energy and resources, and save our environment for future generations.

Saving the environment is a serious issue – one of the things that Boynton Beach recommends for citizens is that they make their home greener, and one way to do this is to install impact hurricane windows.
Hurricane impact windows are made to be energy efficient, and for green renovation or installation, they are the absolute best choice you can make. They have a heavy duty aluminum frame that reduces air leaks around the windows because of the tight fit, and air loss through and around windows is the number one cause of energy loss and thus, high energy use and high utility bills. They have two panes of glass, specially coated with a special finish for strength, with an interior liner put in between the two strong, shatter proof layers. This makes the heat transfer from the outside or inside of the house very slight, making them even more energy efficient. You won’t lose the cold air of your air conditioning inside, and your house also won’t heat up from the rays of the sun. This makes you use much less energy – less to cool it down, and less to keep it cool. The unique shatter proof coating also blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun, making sun damage lessen and keeping you from having to replace them. Longer replacement time means more help for the environment, and you’ve just gone passively greener without even trying.

Hurricane impact windows are so energy efficient, the government even gives you a special tax credit when you install them on your home. It’s a credit for using less energy, and up to $500 can be taken off your taxes when you install impact hurricane windows or doors.

Impact hurricane windows protect your home, save you money, and let you go green and protect the environment, all at the same time. Not only are they the best way to prepare for hurricanes, they’re the best way to ‘green’ your home. We’re saving the environment for our children and future generations, and installing impact hurricane windows is one way to do it.