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Hurricane impact windows in Lee County, Florida

If you live in Lee County, Florida, you probably know all about the risks of hurricanes and tropical storms. It is a part of Florida life. The government of Florida mandates building codes because of this, to make sure that homeowners are protected. The Florida Building Code requires all windows be either impact resistant glass, or be covered by shutters. All replacement windows in condominiums and single family homes must be brought up to code, so any time you replace a window, it must be an approved window or shutter. In Lee County, if you are replacing more than 2 windows at a time, they must be impact resistant glass – that’s how important hurricane protection is taken in this county of Florida. Officials know that hurricane impact windows give easy, continual protection to your home.

There are other benefits to installing hurricane impact windows on your Lee County home as well:
New hurricane impact windows can immediately update the appearance of your home – if your home is fitted with out-of-date windows, adding new windows can add curb appeal and great aesthetic charm to your home.

Hurricane windows provide you with safety – impact windows and doors provide around the clock protection for you and your family against hurricanes and even against burglars or intruders. They don’t require hurricane shutters, also providing you with egress in an emergency, either during a storm or in its aftermath. They also don’t darken your home, as shutters do, and because they are installed on the home, you don’t have to worry about putting them up and taking them down in a hurry when a storm is coming.

Hurricane impact windows are better insulating, which could have an immediate effect on your utility bills. The heat or cold that is transferred either from inside or outside the house is also reduced, making your home easier to heat or cool. The special coating on the windows reduces UV infiltration by 99%, causing less damage and fading to your furnishings and belongings, as well.

There’s no maintenance involved with hurricane impact windows – unlike shutters, being exposed to the elements do not affect hurricane impact windows. The heavy duty aluminum fittings don’t degrade in the hot, humid weather, making them particularly suited to South Florida and Lee County.

Living in Lee County, most all of us know the importance of preparing for hurricanes. Fitting your Lee County home with hurricane impact windows is not only smart, it is recommended by the Lee County and Florida government. They realize that if you are not prepared, the consequences can be ruinous.