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Hurricane Impact Windows in Plantation Florida for Energy Efficiency

If you live in Plantation, Florida, or you’re thinking of moving there, hats off to you. Plantation is a gorgeous city, and its beauty and landscaping is unrivaled by other South Florida cities. For the past 28 years in a row, it’s been called “Tree City USA” and is one of only a few cities in the United States to be chosen as a “Sterling Tree City USA,” and a National Wildlife Federation “Community Wildlife Habitat.” They take their environment seriously there, and the city is full of trees, safe neighborhoods, and a great, secure business community with three distinct business districts. It’s an ideal place to live.

But nearly paradise or not, if you live in Plantation you must be aware of the hurricane season and the storms that plague the area every year. They’re the snake in the garden of Eden, if you will, and you must be prepared. If you’re looking for a good, environmentally friendly way to hurricane proof your home, look no further than hurricane impact windows.
Hurricane impact windows are uniquely manufactured to be energy efficient, making them the best choice for green renovation or installation. They have a heavy aluminum frame that fits tightly, with no air leaks around the windows. This is important, because air loss through windows is the number one cause of high utility bills. They are also double paned glass, specially coated with a silicon finish for strength, with an inner liner inserted between the two layers. This makes the heat or cold transfer from the outside or inside of the house negligible, making them even more energy efficient. You won’t lose heat or cold air, and the inside of your house won’t heat up from the rays of the sun. The special coating also blocks out ninety nine percent of the harmful UV rays of the sun, making sun damage to the furnishings and curtains inside your home a thing of the past.

This energy efficiency of hurricane impact windows is so good, the government offers a special tax credit to homeowners who install them on their homes. Up to $500 can be taken off your taxes when these kinds of windows or doors are installed.

Not only do hurricane impact windows protect your home, they will save you money and protect the environment at the same time. You couldn’t find a better choice for your Plantation home, and they’re the best way to prepare for hurricanes.