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Hurricane Preparation with Impact Resistant Windows in Juno Beach Florida

The town of Juno Beach, Florida is prepared for hurricanes. A hurricane emergency is declared as soon as the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning for the area, and then the town’s Emergency Operations plan kicks into effect, staying in operation until the storm has passed. They even have a plan in place to identify residents who would have a problem evacuating their homes and need some type of assistance when evacuation is required. They’ve got a database of residents who need transportation to a shelter or any other special assistance because of disabilities, age, or other just plain lack of a way to go.

Juno Beach is prepared for hurricanes. Are you? If you live in the area, you are right on the coast, with easy access to beaches and water. That’s a plus in the warm Florida weather – and it’s a minus when a hurricane or tropical storm is on the way. You don’t have the luxury of not planning ahead for hurricanes and storms – you must keep your home and family safe. Like Juno Beach, you need a plan. And part of that plan must always be hurricane or storm proofing your home. Hurricanes bring high winds and driving rain, and they bring tornadoes that pop up suddenly.

One of the best things you can do to protect your home is install impact hurricane windows. They’re the best type of window for Florida homes – they provide protection against storms that is unparalleled. They’re shatter resistant, they stay in the frames when cracked, they seal tightly, and they’re a hard barrier to get through. High winds and debris thrown at high speeds by those winds can’t break that barrier easily – impact hurricane windows have three tough layers. Two of those layers are specially coated glass, and they have a lining between them that makes them even tougher to break. That’s three layers of protection for your home. Four, if you count the heavy weight aluminum framing they are encased in, and that is a major factor in their strength and tight fit.

Living in Juno Beach Florida is close to paradise – but its not all fun and games. You must be aware of the dangers of hurricane season and take precautions. Installing impact hurricane windows on your home is one way to protect it, and an easy one. They don’t require coverage by hurricane shutters, and that makes them simple. You have year round protection without doing another thing.