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Ocean Ridge Hurricane Impact windows

Ocean Ridge, Florida offers residents a great place to live. Sunshine and warm weather in a genial atmosphere are hard to beat – but Ocean Ridge doesn’t try to pretend that nothing bad ever happens in Florida. That’s why they offer an entire range of hurricane preparedness services, to help their residents and visitors alike be ready in the event of a storm. They cover everything from preparing your home to after-disaster services, and they want you to know what to expect during and after a storm passes through.

One of the things that you must do to protect your home when a hurricane or tropical storm is coming is protect the entrances of your home. From windows to glass doors, they must be covered by shutters during a storm, or they must be made of impact resistant glass. Impact hurricane windows are the only type of windows that don’t have to be covered during a severe storm. That’s not an opinion, it’s a Florida law – they’re the only window that is not required to have further protection in order to be covered by your insurance policy. The impact resistant glass is so strong and so resists breakage, they don’t need additional help to protect you.

Hurricane impact windows are made to both protect your home and be energy efficient at the same time, making them a great choice during home makeovers or for installation. They have a heavy duty aluminum frame that fits tightly in the space provided, leaving no air leaks around them. Air loss through and around windows is the likeliest place in your home to lose energy, and impact hurricane windows take this worry away. They have two panes of glass, specially coated with a special glazing for shatter proofing, with an inner layer between the two panes. This means no heat or cold transfer from the outside or inside of the house, making them energy efficient in that way, as well. You won’t lose heat or cold air, and the inside of your house won’t heat up from the rays of the sun. The special coating also blocks out ninety nine percent of the harmful UV rays of the sun, making sun damage to the furnishings and curtains inside your home happen very slowly, if at all.

Ocean Ridge residents who want to save money and protect their homes should have impact hurricane windows installed on their homes today. They’re the best protection that you can have on your home, and they’re well worth the initial cost.