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The Significance of a Generator in Your Florida Home

Florida natives have to face the threat of hurricanes every year during the season which as you may know is already on. One of the first infrastructural casualties of a hurricane is power. And without power, the human race is handicapped. We need light and power. It’s hard to imagine to be without light during night even at the best of times, the situation becomes compounded many times over during a hurricane. Home-owners need to have a generator installed and see that it is in working condition, especially when hurricane season arrives. You will be using it for light, for cooking purposes, for running the refrigerator, and maybe the radio, charging mobile phones, and sundry other uses. A generator capable of keeping these gadgets running as and when you want them is very necessary.

A wall-mounted generator may serve you better than a portable generator. At this point it is worth mentioning that you should also have a supply of torches and batteries. Eat such that your use of the refrigerator is minimized; if you choose canned food your cooking needs will be minimized and you may have to use power only to boil water in order to purify it. When choosing a generator, add up the wattage of all the items to get an idea of energy required. If the startup wattage is higher than running wattage then consider that instead of running wattage. Portable generators too are not without their benefits; you can move them around; maybe even take them to a safe camping site to wait out the hurricane. Avoid using matches and using gas for cooking. Do not touch power lines and try to maintain hygiene. Non-electric can openers and chlorine bleach should be kept handy.

A $600 generator should be of immense help to see you through the hurricane season.