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Bahama Hurricane Shutters - Protection for Your Florida Homes

Old-time residents of Florida will be very well acquainted with Bahama hurricane shutters that were a rage in the 50s and the 60s. These shutters are rugged, made from extruded aluminum and offer protection against hurricane winds, dust, and heat. They can amply fulfill your hurricane protection needs. You get a view of the outside world from the movable horizontal aluminum slats. These shutters are mounted above the window and are not removable. When closed, they protect against the winds and when opened they let in sunshine and fresh air. You can consider installing Bahamas hurricane shutters that open a full 90 degree with the help of adjustable and removable telescopic arms.

These shutters are easy to install; they are installed on the outside but can be operated from inside and outside. You can install them on practically any opening. These can effectively cover arches, angles, and curved tops. The cost of installation varies with the surface to be covered and installation steps keeping in mind the surface type on which the shutters are to be installed; this is because the installation requires the shutters to be installed on a track. There are enough and more shades to choose from for shutters that will complement the paint color on your outer walls.

Bahama hurricane shutters are definitely more pleasing architecturally than storm panels and can be added to stucco, fascia, wood paneling, or frame. If you’re looking for security, sound control, and protection from heat along with hurricane protection then you cannot go wrong with Bahama shutters.