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Hurricane Shutters - Broward County Residents Need Them

Hurricane shutters are as much a need for Broward County residents as it is for other residents in the state of Florida. This particular county gets hit or brushed by a hurricane every two and half years. If you stay in these parts, then you need protection from hurricane winds and strong lashing rains that can happen during the period from July-September. It goes without saying that the shutters you install should have the Miami-Dade County Product Approval or a Florida Building Code Product Approval. It is advisable to get shuttering done from a contractor that has a presence in your locality; this way you know who to go to in case something goes wrong.

And if you already happen to have shutters installed then you should see that these are in prime working order. Accordion shutters should open and close smoothly. You will have to clear obstructions in their tracks and see that wheels are lubricated. If the shutters have been stacked away and kept then get them out and check for any wear and tear. Do this in advance so that you don’t get caught napping when the hurricanes arrive. Remember, there is no alternative to hurricane shutters except maybe a sheet of plywood that is at least 5/8th of an inch thick. Don’t take a casual approach. Covering your window with tape is no protection against hurricanes. Once a window or a door is breached, it can compromise the entire structure and leave its inhabitants at the mercy of high winds and wind-borne debris.