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Have Your Considered Fabric Hurricane Shutters?

This may come as a surprise to most readers, but yes fabric can be used for hurricane protection. A little thought can tell us that canvas reinforced with material to prevent it from tearing will make for great protection. Today, it is possible to create hurricane panels and shutters made from lightweight fabric coated with PVC; this type of protection can be up to 3-8 times lighter than metal protection. This is a very real and immediate advantage of using fabric shutters.

Once coated with protective material, fabric can give you cover from storm-driven projectiles and also wind. Such shutters are easy to put up and easy to remove. Since the material can be rolled up, the shutters can be easily stored, these shutters are safe to handle because there are no sharp or rough edges. This shutter type works nicely for difficult to cover shapes and it is not something that should be necessarily installed during construction; it can be done easily as a DIY job.

A lot many fabric hurricane shutters are made from high tenacity nylon that can stretch and not tear under stress from winds and sharp projectiles. If you are planning to put up hurricane protection then do consider this type. Check for agreement with building codes and if your insurance carrier accepts this form of hurricane protection.