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How to Buy Hurricane Shutters Panels

If you’re going to install hurricane shutters at home as a DIY project, you are going to need hurricane shutter panels for most types of shutters, for example roll-down shutters and Bahama shutters. The panels are made from a range of materials such as steel, aluminum, and polymers. Steel will be thinner than aluminum for the same weight and cost less. Of course, you can get panels in vinyl, wood, fiberglass as well. Plastic shutter panels are lightweight and easy to work with for do-it-yourself workers. They are also very sturdy and available in a range of colors. Plastic or polymer panels will not corrode when exposed to salty air, sun, heat, wind, etc.

There are panels available in the market that can be added directly to the doors or windows without having to put up rails for them. These panels can easily be removed when a storm has passed. The advantage with using panels is that they can be made bespoke to your requirements. The thickness and width can easily be customized to how you want it. Look up sellers online, compare prices, warranties, and after-sales service.