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Learn About the Cost of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters can vary in price. Factors that influence the cost of hurricane shutters include –

  • Area covered – These shutters are sold on a rate / square feet basis and hence more area means more cost.
  • Type of area – The installation costs will vary with the type of shutter technology and type of area to be covered; if it is a protruding area or a window on the second floor, it calls for extra effort and hence will cost more.
  • Technology – The type of shutter technology and type of shutter; materials used matter a lot.
  • Time of the year – The shutter costs are lowest when there are still a few months before the hurricane season begins.

Roll-down shutters that offer the convenience of centralized operation and also meet the latest building codes are expensive. At the other end of the spectrum, one has plywood pieces that are inexpensive and perfectly suited for DIY projects but are not tested for hurricane protection. Colonial shutters are in the mid-price range with the benefit of being used for really wide widths. They can accommodate special shapes. But cannot be incorporated during the construction phase. Moreover, these shutters can only be opened and closed from the outside. Storm panels are cheap; only plywood is cheaper than these panels. These panels can be fitted across an unlimited width. These shutters are strong but putting them up and then taking them down can be a lengthy process.