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Need Protection from Hurricane – Bahama Shutters to the Rescue

Bahama shutters are fixed shutters that are easy to install; the entire one-piece installation can be done in as less as half an hour for a house and at the very maximum it will cost you $30 per square foot plus labor charges. Note, this is at the high end of the Bahama shutter price range.

Bahama shutters are an attractive option because there are no pre-conditions to installation as you may have with accordion and roll-down shutters. These shutters protect against sun, wind, rain, and theft.

Bahama shutters are durable, made from extruded aluminum and very light. These are mounted on the outside and can be opened or closed with telescopic arm supports. The slats can be moved up or down to alter the amount of light and wind you wish to let in. Usually available in standard sizes and colors, you can also have them in custom options if you give advance notice to the manufacturer.

However there is one drawback to Bahama shutters, they cannot really be used to protect doors as there is a design limitation. Also the earlier shutters made of wood were not really up to the mark in taking on Category 5 storms but the new metal ones can.