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Buy Bahama Shutters in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is unique in the USA for its charm, its music, cuisine, and its bayous. It is a coastal region that comes in a hurricane zone and every year there is a chance of property damage and loss of life during the hurricane season. The impact a hurricane can have was brought home starkly when Katrina hit Louisiana.

These shutters view with colonial shutters for aesthetic appeal. They look beautiful and at one time they were an integral part of the Floridian architectural landscape. Bahama shutters can be installed easily on windows but not so on doors; you will have to consider colonial shutters for doors. Today, along with wood aluminum and polycarbonate are also used as materials in manufacturing these shutters. The latter two will not chip, split, and rot as wood is wont to. But then wood has its own unique charm and appeal. In New Orleans, you can easily look up hurricane shutter installers that specialize in Bahamas shutters, but before you choose a contractor, be sure to check if he is licensed and that the materials he uses are certified by the state as compliant with the building codes.

The shutters are operated from the outside, they can be opened to up to 90 degrees when the weather is clear so that you get sunlight and air; closing them shut happens in a jiffy. These shutters protect your property from all elements and not just hurricane winds.

These shutters can be retrofitted; they are placed on the top of the window and are operated on a horizontal axis.