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How can Residential Security Shutters Benefit You?

Residential security shutters offer a two-fold benefit. They prevent hurricane damage from occurring and secure the house against intrusions. Residential security shutters are usually made from aluminum or some polyvinyl material. These days you can get transparent shutters as well.

The advantages of roll-up shutters are well-known. Ease of use, centralized and motorized operation, placement at difficult to reach openings, security, etc are just some of the benefits. Ally these shutters to a security alarm system and you double the security protection. If you are living in a locality with high number of thievery and robbery incidents then these shutters can prevent damage worth thousands of dollars. Not only this they help bring down your house insurance and hurricane insurance costs.

If you live in a place that experiences cold winters then you may wish to go for foam-filled aluminum slats that offer good protection against cold; their insulation properties are higher and you will cut down on your heating costs.

Granted, roller shutters don’t look as eye-pleasing as Colonial or Bahama shutters but they are very functional and very useful. They are invariably installed on the outside and locked from outside. But you can also choose to have them installed such that they open and close from inside, a good ideal if you want these shutters for heat and light insulation.

Shutters made of clear material will allow for light flow. Aluminum panels with perforations will help in ventilation. Clear shutters also offer the advantage of letting you feel safe without feeling claustrophobic.