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Learn about insulated aluminum panels

Insulated aluminum panels help with bringing down the initial construction costs and also the maintenance expenses over the life of the building.

The insulation of the panel is in the form of insulation foam on the inside and aluminum panels on the outside, the insulation material is usually polyurethane. The panels are resistant to attacks from rodents and insects. The panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally. There is a reduction in outflow and inflow of the air leading to improved HVAC performance. These are available in any width, length, or thickness of your choice. These paneling are impervious to water, that is an advantage over brick or cement. These panels find use very often in cold storages. Barns, convention centers, airplane hangars, and storage facilities can be constructed using insulated aluminum panels. The high thermal performance means excellent insulation and low insulation costs over the life of the property. Moreover, the insulation performance does not vary or get compromised because the insulating foam does not lose shape at any time.

Insulated aluminum panels are lightweight and therefore do not require additionally reinforced walls. The lightness of course comes from aluminum; similar panels made from steel would be much heavier. The panels are installed as a single element and hence installed faster. The building work happens faster, lower foundations are required, and costs during the construction phase are kept low. These panels are available in a wide range of colors and textures. They can be plain or profiled. They are available for exterior and interior use. The metal skins perform dual function of aesthetic appeal and as a weather barrier. The panels are designed such that they minimize damage during a seismic event. The tongue and groove setting has the panels mesh tightly together for improved insulation performance.