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Roll-down hurricane shutters – Price factors to consider

If we do a price comparison of roll-down hurricane shutters with other shutter types we will see that these shutters command a higher price but it is for very good reason that these shutters are expensive. Let us try and understand why these shutters command the price they do and the features that they bring to the table for the home owner looking to protect his property from hurricanes and also ensure security.

Expect to pay up to $35 /sq foot for roll-down hurricane shutters, but this is more like the upper limit. This is more than what you’d be paying if you were to choose Bahama shutters, accordion shutters, and most certainly plywood boards and storm panels. The roll-down hurricane shutters are made from extruded PVC or aluminum. This makes them lightweight and durable.

These shutters are fixed permanently and can be brought into use in a moment’s notice. You can operate them from the inside and from outside. Roll-down shutters can be operated even by the disabled. All these things influence the price. The size of the opening to be covered matters too. If at all, you decide to go for a retrofit you may have to pay a little more. If you opt for automatic operation, then you need battery backup for an emergency scenario that is not entirely an unlikely event when hurricanes happen.