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Security shutters – Chicago loves them

America’s introduction to security shutters is around 70 odd years old. This shutter type came to the USA after the Second World War. Security shutters find use in protecting both residential and commercial property and this is the reason why many of these are used in Chicago.

Chicago is not in a hurricane zone but property in that city too needs protection from not just biting winds but also theft. This is where these shutters are such a big help. They provide an added layer of heat insulation bringing down heating costs. Security shutters can be made with insulating polyurethane foam between the polycarbonate or aluminum panels. In terms of security, these shutters are much favored because they prevent break-ins. The shutters can be operated from inside or outside and are easy to operate. You can open and close them manually or via a motor. If you have implemented motorized operation then make sure that you have battery backup in case there is a blackout.

These shutters run on tracks and are housed on the top of the opening they are meant to cover. These are best installed at the time of construction, retrofitting these shutters may not be easy. Security shutters are permanent installations.