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What are the unique advantages of security roll-down shutters?

In terms of versatility, roll-down shutters beat all other shutter- types hands down. Why, you can even call them roll-up shutters. Which other shutter type gives you the advantage of two names to begin with? These shutters have been finding favor in continental Europe for a long time. Their history of application in the U.S can be traced over the past seventy to eighty years. As evident from the name, these shutters perform valuable functions from the security point of view apart from providing excellent hurricane protection. This is the reason why you can find them in use all over America, not just in the coastal states like Louisiana, the Carolinas, and Florida.

Security roll-down shutters can be used in residential and commercial establishments. Rolling shutters are usually made from extruded aluminum. These are meant to be installed at the time of construction; this means this is not an ideal shutter type for retrofitting. If you opt to retrofit, you may have to make certain changes to the exteriors around the opening you wish to cover with roll-down shutters. Check the details with the installer to see if retrofitting is worth the effort and expenses, yes expenses!

Now let us do a quick summarization of the unique features that security roll-down shutters afford us –

• As mentioned above, security comes as a given with these shutters. So not just during normal times but even during times of hurricanes, these shutters provide security from vandals. And in doing so they help bring down insurance costs.

• You can operate these shutters from inside and outside which is a big plus for homes that are large or openings that are inaccessible.

• These shutters can be centrally operated, again a big plus if you are staying in a large house or if the occupants are invalided for some reason.
• These shutters are out of sight when not in use and when needed they can be brought down swiftly.
• Roll-down shutters offer energy savings by bringing down heating costs on account of their thermal insulation properties.