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Accordion Shutters for Hurricane Protection in Port Lavaca, Texas

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in Port Lavaca. Wind speeds of 130 mph and more than 30 inches of rain disrupted life in this Texas town. Power outages, flying debris, and dislodged shingles from roofs were signs that nature’s fury would rage until spent. Houses and commercial establishments that had neglected hurricane protection had to run the risk of boarding up their properties with the hurricane approaching.

Property owners who had taken the precaution of installing accordion shutters for hurricane protection in Port Lavaca could breathe easy. They could evacuate without having to stress about loss to the structure and damage to the insides of their homes and shops.

Accordion Shutters in Port Lavaca

Accordion shutters provide the best mix of cost affordability, protection, and easy maintenance. Their durability and ruggedness makes them a long-lasting protection for your properties. With an accordion hurricane shutter in place, you can expect the market value of your property to increase.

Accordion shutters are also very versatile. They can be used to shield windows, doors, patios, terraces, balconies, and shopfronts. Regardless of the width of the opening to be covered, you can confidently install an accordion shutter. These shutters run on heavy-duty wheels that glide along rails. These shutters can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Once installed, these shutters provide security and protection when pulled close and when opened, they rest unobtrusively in the housing at the sides of the opening.

Choose accordion shutters that meet wind codes of your county and meet relevant building code regulations.

Accordion shutters offer storm readiness when you need it. These work well with minimum maintenance. Keep the rails free from debris and grease them from time to time. You can operate these shutters from the inside or outside. It’s a useful feature for those living in condominiums and high rises. Since accordion shutters can also be installed on curved tracks, they can be used to protect openings that follow a curve or are entirely circular. This is a big advantage with these shutters.