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Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Salt Cay Grand Turks

If you live on Salt Cay, you have access to some of the pristine beaches in the world. It’s like living in the old Caribbean; laid-back atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and a variety of wildlife (especially birds) are found here. You’ll even find friendly donkeys wandering around. They’re the descendants of donkeys used in the salt production that used to go on here, and they’re an integral part of the island life now

It’s like living in a tranquil paradise, unless you’re not prepared for hurricane season. Hurricane season starts June 1st and ends on November 31st each year, and the most active months are August through October. It’s nothing to take lightly, either: Hurricane force winds of up to 190 mph have been recorded. Anything caught in this type of wind becomes a missile that can destroy homes and businesses.

Roll down hurricane shutters in Salt Cay can help to protect your home and business. Some of the most convenient types of hurricane shutters, these shutters are permanently affixed to the tops of windows or doors and roll down at the push of a button or the touch of an app, which means you don’t even have to be home to close them. They come with battery back-up, so no matter what is happening with the power, your shutters are always going to work.

Roll-down hurricane shutters in Salt Cay protect your home from airborne missiles thrown by gale force winds, keep the driving rain away from doors and windows, and even help to keep the violent noise of the storm abated. They also can be rolled down for privacy and further insulate your home, lowering energy costs and helping to keep your home cooler.

Hurricane Shutters Florida can save you money on your roll down hurricane shutters. When you are shopping for new shutters, these roll down storm shutters in Salt Cay can be matched to all exteriors and all types of buildings. Hurricane Shutters Florida will custom build your shutters to your own window measurements and then ship them to you. You can have someone install them for you, or you can save even more money and install them yourself. Helpful videos on hurricane shutter installation are available on the website.

Coupons for hurricane shutters are available, so you’ll be able to install them for less, saving even more money.

Preparing for hurricane season in Salt Cay is just part of the way of life and roll down hurricane shutters are part of that preparation. If you’re ready to order your Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Salt Cay, call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate or visit the website to learn more and get an online price