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Colonial Shutters Provide Multi-Purpose Protection for Homes in Saint Martin

If you don’t have shutters on your home, hotel, or business in Saint Martin – you should get them now! Storm shutters, like Colonial Shutters from Empire Construction and Development, can be used on commercial and residential buildings in the Caribbean. These shutters can be used for protection against seasonal storms and serve as excellent security shutters too.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones can threaten the Caribbean islands each hurricane season. If a storm comes your way, you’ll want to be able to secure your home as quickly as possible. Our colonial storm shutters are easy to use once they are installed on your windows. You can close these shutters whenever you need to secure your home in Philipsburg and Marigot. Impact-rated colonial shutters from Empire Construction & Development are built to withstand the high winds these storms bring, and can keep you and your family safe from flying debris and broken windows in Saint Martin.

If you want to protect your property against theft in Saint Martin, Colonial shutters from Empire Construction & Development provide excellent security protection. These shutters are sturdy – they are made from heavy extruded aluminum. To prevent break-ins overnight or while you’re out of town, you can simply close your Colonial shutters.

Empire Construction & Development custom-builds Colonial hurricane shutters to fit the windows on your home or business in the Leeward Islands. Exterior Colonial shutters are can be easily installed on your windows by you, your contractor, or a handyman. These weatherproof shutters have a long-lasting powder-coated finish. Colonial shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available in your choice of color.

Your home, hotel, restaurant or store in Saint Martin can be safe from storm damage and theft without installing unsightly storm shields on your windows. Colonial shutters are aesthetically pleasing and add to the look of any property while providing storm protection and security. If you have arched or curved-top windows, we will design Colonial shutters to fit the shape of your windows.

We provide our customers in the Caribbean with the shutters they need to keep their homes safe. Some of the other storm protection products we sell are:

*Rolling Shutters

*Accordion Shutters

*Bahama Shutters

*Storm Panels

And more! Whatever your storm protection needs may be, we can make the right product for you.

Contact us today to get a free price quote for Colonial shutters in Saint Martin. To speak to a member of our helpful storm protection about your Colonial shutter order, or to find out about this month’s shutter deals and promotions, call us at: 888-474-3555. Install Colonial shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your home or business in Saint Martin and have the best storm protection and security all year!